Create an edible forest garden

Image: Graham Burnett

Imagine your garden looking as lovely as the edge of a woodland, which produces an abundance of food and ultimately will need very little digging, weeding, watering or pest control – ‘an edible forest garden’.

Forest gardening is a way of growing food where nature does most of the work for you. Modelled on natural woodland, crops are grown in different layers, from high and medium-sized canopy to roots, ground cover and climbers. It’s low maintenance and ideal for community spaces or urban back gardens.

Through careful planning, plants are chosen which benefit each other and attract beneficial insects, creating a rich, healthy, biodiverse system that maintains its own fertility. Once it is established, your main task will be harvesting!

This workshop will give you the tools you need to design your own forest garden. You will learn about its history, its benefits, and soil fertility, nutrients, valuing diversity, surveying and map making, observing and learning from nature, and how to place the right plant in the right place. At the end you will design your own garden or do a case study design.

The workshop will be led by Rakesh, an experienced permaculture designer/teacher and forest garden specialist, computer consultant, yoga teacher and homeopath. He finds these skills help inform his unique approach to designing and teaching forest gardening.

Rakesh has designed and implemented forest gardens, from small-scale private gardens and schools to farms, community gardens and communal nature gardens, as well as designing a forest garden on part of a 30-hectare ecovillage in Croatia that he co-owns.

Time and place
Tuesday 3 and Thursday 5 July, 9.30am to 3.30pm
Transition Pimlico, London SW1

Two-day workshop £90, concessions available from £40 upwards

Rakesh on or 07575 009 322

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