TTB Open Day

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Open day poster1-9pm Saturday 5th May, at the Transition Centre, 6-8 Robsart St, (opp Brixton Jamm, off Brixton Road) SW9 0DJ.

An exciting opportunity to see some of the work of TTB, with displays, stalls, talks, practical workshops, culminating with delicious Pakistani food at 6pm, and a screening of the movie In Transition 2.0 at 7pm followed by discussion.

Come and meet some of the people who are making TTB’s exciting projects happen – like Brixton Energy, the Remakery, Brixton Pound, Community Draught Busters… and sister projects like Makerhood (local makers network), Local Greens box scheme, Green SW8, Community Food Growers Network. We also have working groups including Food and Growing, Family Group, Heart and Soul,  And maybe get involved…
Rough timetable will be:

1-2pmTomatoes at Urban Green Fair

  • Remade workshops: including sewing, printmaking (till 5pm) SEE exciting details below.
  • Community Food Growing Network talk
  • Green Woodworking. (all afternoon) SEE exciting details below.


  • Brixton £ e-currency workshop
  • Sow your own Halloween pumpkin
  • Traditional sports/gamesBrixton Pound team on the roof


  • Seasonal sowing
  • Working with the council – workshop.


  • Draught busters energy efficiency workshop.
  • Sow your own pumpkins


  • Cycle cinema trainingBrixton Energy Solar 1
  • Seasonal sowing
  • Transition talk – what is it and what is happening.


  • delicious Pakistani FOOD


  • FILM: In Transition 2.0 – what’s been happening in Transition all around the world. Powered by pedals and followed by discussion.

Hope to see you there. Tell your networks and bring friends.


We’ve got two exciting Remade activities coming up this Saturday
“Counting the Drops” Quilt & Print Workshop, 1-5pm
Working with textile artist Dora Burns (, everyone’s invited to add printed or quilted “dots” to a giant banner representing our water consumption and showing the differences with water use in other parts of the world. Participants are invited to pledge simple actions to reduce their own water use, with the amount saved shown by dots of various sizes – so we can literally “count the drops”.
This event is part of “Connect the Dots” for Climate Impacts Day: – a day of protest and action in support of communities affected by climate crisis. You can sign up here to attend: (or just turn up on the day!)

Photo from Dora’s recent Experimental Printworkshop, 10 March

Green Woodworking Demonstration, 2-5pm

Ben Willis demonstrates the ancient craft of green woodworking, using a traditional pole lathe to create useful household objects. Come along and try your hand at traditional woodworking techniques that have been around for hundreds of years. Using a selection of simple hand tools and devices such as the shave horse and pole lathe, you will be shown how to fashion green, unseasoned wood straight from the tree (such as tree surgery waste) into simple but beautiful items for the household and garden.
Please note this is not a full workshop but a demonstration – there will only be one set of equipment available, so only one person at a time can have a go. However it is a taster for Ben’s workshops (we’ll be doing more in future), so come along if you are interested to watch and sample green woodworking.
Fingers crossed for good weather… (Ben will be outside in the park – he has a gazebo though, so rain won’t stop us!)

Ben’s workshop at the Remade Social, 24 March

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  1. This will be a fabulous day. Smacks of a traditional local fair. can’t wait to join in the 3 legged race!

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