‘Transforming the Ordinary’ – Mindfulness Meditation Course

8 week course starting Thursday 15th March 7.30pm-8.30pm

Transition Centre, 6-8 Robsart St, SW9 0DJ (off Brixton Road opp. The Jamm) FREE (requested donation, £1, to cover centre costs)
run by Carole Stagg MA RCA PGDip, member of TTB Heart and Soul group.
The course will focus on developing skills to support breath awareness, techniques for stress reduction and generally aim to improve attention and awareness.

Carole is looking for committed individuals who want to sign up for an 8 week course and who will also agree to participate in a research study which involves answering a short form pre and post the course.

Please contact Carole for further information and to book a place on the course.
Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment.
Carole writes: “I would also be most grateful if you would take the time to answer this short survey questionnaire (13mins approx) which has ethics approval and is anonymised. As an MSc student in positive psychology, I am testing my hypothesis that looks at how mindful we are in relation to how we enjoy life’s pleasures.

It is quite a good opportunity to stop and reflect a little in our busy lives as well as being a useful data indicator of ways to develop future wellbeing interventions.I am looking for people within the age range of 25-60, not because I am ageist, but because no one has researched the specific topic area I have focused on in that age category. I also welcome a diverse response in terms of culture and ethnicity and especially encourage men to take the test. Guy’s it seems you are severely under-represented in this topic area. Please, don’t let the side down.

Many thanks and wishing you well. I hope you find it enjoyable or at least interesting. Please fill in the questionnaire

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