TTB volunteering opportunities

Transition Town Brixton is largely driven by its volunteers. Since we formed in 2007 literally hundreds of volunteers have made TTB what it is – a pioneer in rethinking the way we do everything. Some have practically dedicated their lives to making visible manifestations of Transition that have inspired people all over the world. If they can do it in Brixton…

We are hugely grateful to and inspired by these people.

We are working hard to turn these volunteer roles into Transition Livelihoods so that local people can earn their living doing future appropriate jobs that contribute to a good outcome. We have already generated several paid posts with the Brixton Pound, Remade in Brixton’s Reuse Centre, Brixton Community Draught Buster, the Community Shop, Velocal delivery service…

Please visit the jobs page through the roles below. We will endeavour to make sure that if a role is filled the entry is removed but forgive us this doesn’t always happen.

We have an evolving volunteer policy. We try and reimburse expenses according to need. And include people in planning what they do. We aim to support volunteers in their chosen roles with training and ongoing mentoring. We understand that people have many priorities in life and that these may sometimes conflict with a volunteer commitment. We ask only that you talk to us about it.

We welcome help from anyone interested in TTB’s aims – to vision, plan and pioneer our local pathway to a good low energy future, that is resilient, cooperative, skilled and full of real quality and fun. Whether you can spare an hour occasionally, or want a full-time internship please look below and get in touch.

Many of these jobs are new so you could be involved in shaping them. Many can and should be shared. We will always try to provide support to you in your volunteer role from someone with appropriate skills and knowledge.

These roles are ideal for someone wanting to use or develop their skills and gain practical experience in an exciting and new initiative for positive change.

The list below is an outline of what we are looking for at present:

  • Fundraiser
  • Finance Administrator
  • Newsletter / Web
  • Assistant to TTB Chair/Coordinator
  • Assistant to TTB Secretary
  • Strategic Plan Coordinator
  • Events Coordinators

There will also be roles within individual projects such as Brixton Energy, the Remakery etc. which we hope to feature.

Thank you. We look forward to working with you.

Duncan and Margaret (TTB Chair/Coordinator and TTB Secretary)

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