Brixton Energy has a roof!

Brixton Energy sign-up leaflet

Brixton Energy (the first active group of Repowering South London) has identified the roofs for its first project Brixton Solar 1. They plan to put several hundred square metres of solar panels on the top of buildings on the Loughborough Estate, working with Lambeth Council, the Low Carbon Zone, United Residents Housing and the Loughborough Estate Management Board.

And, essentially, the residents of Brixton whom we will be asking to invest in this local resilience project. A Community Share Offer will be made later this year and we plan to get the panels up and generating by the end of March!

If you would like to join the team  working to make this happen contact Kees and join us at our weekly meetings on Monday nights, 7-9pm at the Duke of Edinburgh, 204 Ferndale Road, SW9.

If you’ve got it in the bank, put it on the roof!

If you would like to be an investor, generating around 4% per annum on your investment, please sign up here. It will be almost the first opportunity for the people of Brixton to invest in their local community whilst still getting a useful return on their money.

This may be a first in London!

The Details:

Join the TTB Buildings and Energy Group on Projectdirt where public documents like minutes and constitution are viewable.

The aims and objectives of Brixton Energy are:

  • To start generating energy in Brixton, under the name Brixton Energy
  • To develop opportunities for a community investment vehicle
  • To increase resilience by reducing our dependence on big energy companies
  • To use retained profits to educate about energy efficiency, tackle fuel poverty and develop partnerships to provide energy efficiency services
  • To provide training and employment for local people

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