Permaculture forest garden course this weekend

Slade Gardens

Forest gardening workshop, with Kevin Mascarenhas and Rakesh Rootsman

30th and 31st July

Brockwell Park greenhouses, Brockwell Park, Herne Hill, Brixton.

The course will start by discussing what forest gardens are, why they
are relevant to urban dwellers and how they can help resolve many of
the food, water and biodiversity issues our towns and cities are
currently facing.

By the end of the workshop, participants should be confident to
understand why they might want to to build a forest garden, where to
build it and how to design one in almost any environment. They will
also have a few examples of what kinds of plants and yields they can
get from a forest garden; they will also know how

and where to find resources necessary to complete their designs.

Participants will be invited to bring their designs to work on, or we
will give them designs to work on in small teams. We will show them
how to conduct a site assessment, look at resources, soil types, the
needs of the land, needs of the users, etc. We will go through site
surveying and mapping skills, which we will then use to support the
teams in creating their own designs.

Other modules include:

- The benefits, features and outputs of a forest garden

- The history of forest gardens throughout the world and in the UK

- Microclimate

- Creating soil & ensuring the soil fertility

- Soil food web

- Carbon sequestration

- The value of edges and biodiversity.

We will also cover some permaculture principals, including how to work
with nature and how to understand and work with the natural succession
process (moving from immature to mature ecosystems).

Cost of the workshop is on an ability to pay sliding scale

£120 Sponsored/organisation rate

£90 Individual income more than 25k/yr

£60 Individual income less than 25k/yr

£40 For people in receipt of means tested benefits

Register your interest by filling in this form

Or contact Rakesh for more details <>

07575 009 322

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