Save Plastic Bottles for BLIP

The BLIP team at the Oasis site are planning to build a greenhouse out of plastic bottles. We can collect, or bring them to the Oasis site on Saturdays, see times on posters. You can also bring them to any BLIP session at Brixton Water Lane or Slade Gardens or to any TTB open space sessions. Any colour will do but they need to be transparent, not opaque which excludes most milk containers


2 responses to “Save Plastic Bottles for BLIP”

  1. Hello I am Sara from Transition Town New Cross. We are holding a series if workshops on food growing with Sandbourne community garden and bold vision. We would like to ask a if a representative from the food group at Transition Town Brixton would be available to cone and give a short presentation at the end of March? We have worked with Duncan in the past and are happy to learn and exchange ideas from different transition towns.

    Please contact me via email or telephone

    Thank you

    Sara Abdalla

  2. Hi Sara, thanks for your request. Sorry for the late reply, as we are all volunteers there is sometimes a delay. It sounds like we are too late for coming to give a presentation, but, in any case it is best to contact the Food and Growing Group directly via
    Best regards,

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