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  1. Hi, I can’t believe I’ve only just seen this event! Do you happen to be holding another one anytime soon? Someone I know is interested in swopping manual skills such as painting/decorating for some help in his garden – would this kind of event be useful for him? Thanks very much, Anna

  2. This particular event was more about people teaching others skills such as bead making. Make sure you are on the ttb mailing list and you will get information about similar events.

    Swapping help with decorating for help in the garden is the sort of thing that the Timebank set up is for I think. You could check that out (see below). Also, your friend could advertise on the Landshare site (http://www.landshare.net/), which connects growers with people with land to share, if they would like someone to look after the garden in exchange for produce. Or send to us at the Food and Growing Group (ttbfood@gmail.com) a request for someone to help, with details of location etc and we can send it out to the group.

    The following information is given on the timebank site (http://www.nhs.uk/lambeth/mentalwellbeing/Pages/Realstory.aspx):

    There are three time banks in Lambeth. See the contact details below for more information about how to get involved.
    Clapham Park Time Bank: 020 8671 4809; funmi.olowe@slam.nhs.uk or roz.mccarthy@slam.nhs.uk
    Paxton Green Time Bank: 020 8670 0990; pgtimebank@googlemail.com
    Waterloo Time Bank: 020 7401 2691; lspenceley@stjohnswaterloo.co.uk

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