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Newsletter 14: May 2011 – Word version (1.5Mb), Newsletter 14: May2011 – PDF version (106Kb),  Detailed current events listing (10 days of Google Calendar events) (PDF file 32Kb)

Review 1 March 2011: Word document, PDF document

Newsletter 12: May 2010 (Word doc)

Newsletter 11: Feb 2010 (Word doc)


Newsletter 10: Dec 09 (Word doc)

Newsletter 9: Nov 09 (Word doc)

Newsletter 8: Oct 09 (Word doc)

Newsletter 7: Sept 09(Word doc)

Newsletter 6: Aug 09 (Word doc)

Newsletter 5: March 09 (Word doc)

Newsletter 4: February 09 (Word doc)

Newsletter 3: January 09 (Word doc)

Newsletter 2: January 09 (Word doc)


Newsletter 1: December 08 (Word doc)

2 responses to “Newsletters”

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  2. Re Newsletter May 2011 – I requested more details from Jack about the land he is looking for. He sent the following:

    “I posted a similar request on the Discussions section of Project Dirt which you can link to here in the news letter ( and where people can reply although it is not specific to Lambeth as the Incredible Edible one was.
    If you want it to be more Lambeth specific you could just include the same text that you received via incredible edible and ask people to respond directly to me email at Either way your help is much appreciated as always!”

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