Green Champions patchwork project – gardening theme

Women over 50 invited to Wed afternoon sessions starting 16 March at 1pm. 198 Gallery on Railton Road.

We received this information via the Green Community Champions mailing list: Contact if needed.

Spaces available for Patchwork Project. FREE.

Make a patchwork banner for Green Champions.

Women over 50 invited to join in a sewing project.

What are our interests in 2011. Gardening is a great subject.

Come to the 198 Gallery on Railton Road at 1pm on Wednesdays starting March 16th. Meet up with other women making patchworks & quilts.

The following is forwarded from Teri:

I am involved in a project which includes Art archives from Brixton Artists Collective 1983 – 86. Alongside archives I am running some workshops on textiles & politics then & current interests. A group are already starting out on one wall-hanging & I thought it would be good to do a Green Champions patchwork as it is such a positive statement, also applique of veg would look great. Do you think you could send the following info out.


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