Brixton Reuse Centre – Design & Visioning Day

1.00-4.30pm, Sat 12 March @ Basement, Block 1, 2-40 Paulet Road, London SE5 9HZ (on corner with Lilford Road)

Come along to the garages in Paulet Road, Loughborough Junction – the proposed location for Brixton Reuse Centre – and help to develop the design and planning of the site. The aim of the day is to generate the content for a clear and comprehensive brief for potential architects.

We are inviting:
• BRC Steering Group
• Individuals and organisations interested in being involved with BRC
• Transition Town Brixton supporters, especially those with architectural, building, recycling, planning or legal expertise

Limited spaces available so please register for this event asap by emailing Stephen Edwards, info[at]

Timetable (tbc)

1.00-1.30pm: Visions
Individual reflection and group conversation on our motivations and expectations for the project: what do we hope to achieve, in the short and long term, for BRC members and the wider community?

1.30-1.45pm: Site walk
Walk around site to identify key features and record observations.

1.45-2.15pm: Functions
Small group discussions on the various “zones” of BRC: delivery and storage area, workshops and private storage spaces, thoroughfare and open plan space, office and meeting / training room, shop and reception area. Who will be using each zone and what activities will they be engaged in?

2.15-2.45pm: Key issues
Small group discussions highlighting key issues and potential solutions in areas such as noise minimisation, visibility and welcome, access and parking, health and safety, security, communal areas and shared equipment, sustainable design and energy saving.

2.45-3.15pm: Design direction
Individual reflection and group conversation: what “feel” and qualities do we want BRC to have? Are there certain materials, fixtures or finishes we want, and how can they be sourced? What existing features, and what new ones, will create BRC’s distinctive character?

3.15-4.15pm: Timeline, budget and decision making
Structured discussion to identify and map on a timeline the key stages of the design, preparation and construction work. When they should be completed? How much should they cost (as far as we can guess at this stage), how will they be financed, and who will have the authority for decision making at each stage?

4.15-4.30: Conclusions, evaluation and next steps
Evaluating what we have learned from this event and agreeing next steps.

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