Minutes LCG Thursday 16th October

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Thursday 16th October 2008


1.Meet with Petronella Tyson from Wedgecard – Lambeth Project

2.Implementation Planning

To create a form of tangible evidence of TTB energy descent management.

  • to use local currency to create a symbolic impact within the community of Brixton and PR/media communications.
  • to use local currency as an educational tool.
  • to use local currency for a social impact.

‘Actions to achieve intention
N.B.It has been decided to create local printed currency notes like TTBTotnes and TTBLewes. It has also been noted that this may not be the best form of local currency for improving social inclusion in the Brixton community. It is likely to affect the circulation of money within the local area and may support local independant business. It may have little effect for those community members who have limited access to the sterling currency. The different needs for the Brixton community compared to TTBTotnes and TTBLewes as well as the similarities has also been noted. The decision was made to align with the TTB culture and to connect with media interest.
‘Table to consider different forms of local currency.
||! Type ||! Positive support ||! Difficult

Wedgecard Way of supporting local independent businesses. Discounted products and services to local community.Helps environmental concerns of CO2 overload. Used throughout London Purchased using sterling and may inhibit use by low sterling income residents and workers. Used throughout London, may not create cohesive community networks in Brixton.
Printed notes ? purchased with sterling and backed by ‘local’ bank/credit union. Purchased using sterling and may inhibit use by low sterling income residents and workers.
Credit/Debit Accounts A closed currency system, which functions best by spending and earning. Money is created from credit and debit with no interest paid. May limit users to those who have technological abilities OR requires an educational programme and cheap access to internet. May require regular sterling and local currency payments to be administered.

*to find an organisation which would provide backing for and hold the local currency.
action: Sue and Josh to follow-up meeting with Chris Lowe, Marketing, Lambeth Credit Union.
*to find funding, using appropriate resources, to support the development, implementation and maintenance of the Brixton local currency.
action: Josh to write an outline proposal in the next 2 days before his holiday.
action: Susie to look at famous people, including those associated with Brixton. e.g. David Bowie, Alvin Hall.
action: Mamading to look at small grant funding for local communities. e.g. Home Office Active Community Unit, LDA, Local Government Association, Mayor’s Office, work in neighbourhood funds.
action: Hannah to look at local businesses. e.g.Joy, Ritzy, Satay Bar, The Effra, The Academy and the contacts from her work with the Brick at The Local Economy Day. She will also add, to the Wiki, the information she researched about the Peter Minett and Walcott local funding.
action: Sue to look at Lambeth Regeneration. Brixton Green.
Other leads:Lambeth – Council,Councillors Money Saving Expert Charity.
*to find people who will use the local currency, such as businesses and local residents.
*to design the local currency.
action: Sue to resend the email from Josh that included the manual from John Rogers.
*to print the notes.
*to launch the local currency.
*to support people and organisations that accept and use the local currency.
*communications for all stages.
action: John to link with the Communications Group of TTB.
*to evaluate and monitor each stage.
* maintenance and support strategy.
Next Meeting:
• Date Thursday 6th November. All Welcome.

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