2 responses to “Draught busting session drop-in”

  1. Hi Sibylle, I’ve just filled in a similar box but I got no acknowledgement that the submission had been received.

    Would like to send samples A) and B) as a way of introducing myself. These samples are:
    A) a Food Projects leaflet outlining the importance of food, i.e. i) Food Makes Communities, ii) Food Shapes the Economy, and iii) Food Drives all Learning.
    B) a working paper or ‘modern fairytale’: “Upbringing! New Family Structures” Upbringing comes before education. Family groups that should signpost a society in reasonable good shape are, in fact, a shadow of themselves in favour of a vengeful and brutish State. A modern, epic battle between unequals has ensued.

    I’m fully aware of issues. Am looking for long-term collaboration. The fairytale is a means to an end only. My sole purpose is to create, with others, the conditions for a joyful and compassionate world.

    Best wishes, Mario

  2. Hi Mario, sorry for the delay in replying to your query. We have not had anyone available to check the comments for a while. I have passed your comment on to Sibylle.

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