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June 09 Key points from Buildings & Energy meeting on May 26th

Canton Arms, South Lambeth Road Present: Chris, Martin, Toni, Adam, Ed, Jeremy Cavanagh At the start of the meeting Chris gave an overview of the ASSA Climate Action Network activities at the start of the meeting.
1. Strategic Goals for 2009
The priorities set in November 2008 were
1. Develop the group’s collective knowledge of the resources that [...]

Arts & Culture

Transition Town Brixton is affillated with – a network for designers and artists using their skills to engage audiences with environmental messages. EcoLabs was founded by TTB Secretary Jody Boehnert in 2007. Please get in touch.

Working Groups Forum

AGENDA for next Forum for Working Groups to be held on (tbc) Feb/Mar 2010 at 67 Lambert Road, SW2. Start Time 6:30 pm for 7 pm
1. Go-round / Check-in (25 mins)
2. TTB management issues
* Policies, Health and Safety, Equal Opps, Volunteering

Agenda – Hub Group Meeting

1. Welcome. Introduction.
2. Apologies
3. Minutes: volunteer to take minutes.
4. Introduction to meeting processes: handsignals, proposal, etc.
5. Updates on groups by all group spokespersons.
6. Core TTB group issues & sustainability. Jody
inc. shared aims/vision?
inc. ensuring good communication between groups
inc. procedures for sharing/updating of contacts
inc. ensuring [...]

Group Pages

Groups are forming to create specific chapters in the Brixton Energy Descent Action Plan. They will vision a better low energy future as it concerns their focus area and then ‘backcast’ to the present to produce the routemap to that future with timetable and milestones. This will involve much research into what is possible and [...]

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