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Thursday 19 June, 9.30am – 5.30pm, Assembly Hall, Lambeth Town Hall

Followed by Local Business Evening, 6-8.30pm

How can we earn a living and save the planet?

Join Transition Town Brixton for an exploration into the economics of local resilience and global sustainability. Local Economy Day asks: how could a community using less energy be economically stronger and provide a higher quality of life?

Programme includes…

Key speakers:

- David Boyle, New Economics Foundation, author of The Little Money Book

- Molly Scott Cato, Green Party Economics spokesperson, author of Market Schmarket

- John Rogers, economist and writer

Discussion, hands-on exercises and Open Space workshops

Come and investigate…

How do money, credit, and our globalised economy work… or not?

How does our economic system drive unsustainable carbon-intensive lifestyles?

Is a more localised economy inevitable?

How has localisation worked successfully in other places around the world?

How could a localised economy work here? How would it benefit locals?

We don’t have prescribed answers to these questions. Instead the day aims to be a true exploration, mining the collective experience and genius of Brixton’s community as well as the invited speakers. With your input Local Economy Day will be inspiring, active and practical – helping us all gain knowledge and confidence to take action to improve our local economy.

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