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O2 It’s Your Community Awards from £100 to £1000 for making things better where you live. This scheme closed in December 2009. Projects supported in the past included turning derelict land into an amenity park or wildlife area, tree planting, creating a wildlife pond, renovating neglected river and canal footpaths, providing water butts and recycling facilities in village halls. (Managed by the Conservation Foundation)

Capital Growth Scheme Funding stream for 2,012 new food growing spaces for London by 2012. Small grants of £200-£1,500 to help with capital costs are available for London community food growing projects. Support is open to any food growing project in any of the 33 boroughs of Greater London that started since 1st January, 2009 and that benefits the local community. (Deadline for this round: Monday, March 1st 2010, 5 pm)

Carbon Neutral Fund Food is a high carbon product in many ways – so why not take that angle with this fund when applying for local food projects?

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation – Food Strand (UK) The £3 fund will be spent over three years (2008 – 2011) and aims to promote an understanding of the role of food in enhancing the quality of life. It will prioritise the enjoyment and experience of food rather than its production and seek to enable as many people in the UK as possible to prepare and eat nutritious, sustainable food. The Foundation is also interested in work that influences policy and practice across a range of food-related areas. The Foundation expects to support a mix of practical projects that have wide significance, and some research and policy based work. Applications can be submitted at any time.

Grassroots Grants Up to £5000 over 2 years for community organisations

Green Corners Award Managed by the Conservation Foundation

Local Food Programme Local Food is a £50 million programme that will distribute lottery grants to a variety of food-related projects to help make locally grown food accessible and affordable to local communities. Grant size Minimum £2,000, Maximum £500,000, Average less than £300,000. Turnaround time is 15 working days for first stage applications. 6-15 weeks depending on the size of grant for full applications. The Local Food programme distributes grants to a variety of food related projects to help make locally grown food accessible and affordable to local communities. (Benefits: improved health and wellbeing through exercise and better nutrition; strengthened local economies through the creation of social enterprises; and more sustainability through the better use of resources such as food redistribution and composting). Local Food has five main themes under which a range of projects can be supported:

o Enable communities to manage land sustainably for growing food locally;

o Enable communities to build knowledge and understanding and to celebrate the cultural diversity of food;

o Stimulate local economic activity and the development of community enterprises concerned with growing, processing and distributing local food;

o Create opportunities for learning and the development of skills through voluntary training and job creation;

o Promote awareness and understanding of the links between food and healthy lifestyles

London Tree and Woodland Grant Scheme The Mayor’s Street Trees programme is an expansion of the Forestry Commission’s London Tree and Woodland Grant Scheme and will run for four years. Residents’ groups, community organisations, charities and boroughs can apply for the grants. To view the maps showing the priority areas, and for information on how to apply for a grant relating to this scheme, visit the London Tree and Woodland Grant Scheme website. Applications for the second round of grants will open on 1 June 2009. Anyone who is thinking about applying can contact the London Tree and Woodland Grant Scheme Programmes Officer – email or telephone 020 7922 1230. Useful advice for individuals on how to assess the suitability of your street for tree planting and what to do next is in Trees for Cities’ Best Practice – Street Trees guide. You can find the contact details of your borough tree officer on the London Tree Officers Association website.

The Placemakers Project For youth or community groups to improve the local environment. Funded by the City Bridge Trust and run by Groundwork. Working with groups in Wandsworth, Merton, Sutton and Croydon it develops, delivers and sustains environmental improvement projects. Placemakers will support between 6-12 groups a year by assisting with landscape design, purchase of materials, constituting a group, landowner and other permissions, publicity, consultations, project management, fundraising, marketing. for further information, please contact the Placemakers Co-ordinator on 020 8687 4050.

The Ward Purse – do a Google search for ‘lambeth ward purse’ to find out more. This is a pot of money (currently 12k per ward in Lambeth) administered by the local councillors. You can talk to them about the possibility of allocating some to your project…


Apples might grow on trees but twenty pound notes don’t, no matter how many you plant. Here’s how to get a few extra bob to help you fund your community garden.

Groundworks – support on projects and help to raise funds but not providing it themselves

Lambeth Ward Purse

UCL Urban Buzz Project

Capital Growth

Cleaner Greener Safer

Food Fund

‘o2 It’s your community fund’ – gave Blenheim Edible Gardens £1000

Local Housing Associations may fund or match fund growing projects involving their tenants.

Lambeth Council supplies compost from Veolia to community gardening projects. They also have donated plastic pots and a very large shredder, and a professional gardener to be present at community events in the past. Contact Sue Sheehan for more info on this.

Grants of £50,000 to £500,000 are available for projects in London that will provide new opportunities for people to enjoy, explore, learn about and be involved with the capital’s natural environment.

The programme aims to benefit 1.7million people across the country by funding projects that connect people from all backgrounds to their local green spaces and overcome barriers to them engaging with nature.

The priority will be to fund projects that will make a lasting change to disadvantaged communities in areas of high social and economic deprivation and helping people who currently have little or no contact with the natural environment.

Access to Nature is keen to fund projects that will benefit people living in urban areas.

Go to for further information.

Awards for All – Grassroots CLA Chartiable Trust Waitrose Communties matter

Vinspired – VCashpoint – 16-25 year olds 2500 for volunteer projects


Horticulture week Landscape & Amenity awards (Aug deadline). Various categories suitable for community gardens. Call Adele Durham 02082674344

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