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updated 3 March 2009: Planning for a programme of events:

Please view the TTB calendar on Google Calendar alongside the planning calendar.


Transition Drinks A desire has been expressed for Transition Drinks (or Green Drinks) once a month so that people can get together socially and network. Balham has Green Drinks first Thursday of the month. Trinity Arms has found favour with number of groups meeting. Local beer, OK food, no music. Quite small, quiz night Thursdays (see info under venues below). The first Brixton Green Drinks will be at 7.15pm, after the Food Group meeting (6.30pm) on April 15th 2009 in the Trinity Arms!

Film THE AGE OF STUPID, 20-26 March, Ritzy Cinema. with speakers, inc Mark Lynas, Franny Armstrong (filmmaker) probably Leo Murray. One of only 4 cinemas in London taking the film.

Food Group Events Programme, TTB Food group plans to have 3 events leading up to an Open Space Day on How will Brixton feed itself in an energy scarce future? They will examine the issue of food security, the possible solutions, and how we might do it in Brixton. They are already organising a Permaculture Introduction Course and a Food Waste training and there will be other parallel events such as Wildfood Walks…

Possible programme, bold have agreed but not been pinned down to when, where or exact content.

  • ‘Food and the Future’ Rosie Boycott, the mayor’s food czar, broadbrush on why we need a new food system. Also a farmer. Initiated the Capital Growth funded programme to promote urban food growing in London. poss April
  • Urban Farming, Really? Mikey Tomkins, Andre Viljoen, Christine Haig (WEN/Sustain), poss also Prof Yves Cabannes to look at what is being done elsewhere and what is possible. poss inc films, certainly powerpoint.
  • Urban growers tell all. Brian Kelly of OrganicLea, Julie Brown, Nadia from GWOFUN, Bristol.

Open Space day (Saturday with lunch) with trained facilitator.

Also on the Food Programme are Wild/Invisible Food Walks around the Loughborough Estate 9th and 23rd May with Ceri Buck

Plus plans for a showing of A Farm for the Future, a talk from Patrick Holden (possibly in conjunction with one of the above events) and a talk from someone (Brian McCallum?) from Urban Bees in Battersea (

Some places you might like to post events or meeting notices…

Internal listings

- All group meetings, TTB events and other local events should be on the website Google calendar – you will need to have been invited to the calendar to add things. Otherwise send to Margaret or Duncan?

- On the group pages on the website (

- On the various group Wiki pages eg Food Wiki

- On the Group Pages/Group Meetings Calendar

- Emailed to TTB Mailing List or members of various appropriate working groups

External Listings

- On the Project Dirt event listings

- On various appropriate projects on Project Dirt (can also be ent to members of these groups)

- Posted on Sustain’s website (if food related)

- Sent to Lambeth Life (deadlines 15th and 1st of month for publishing on 1st and 15th of month respectively)

Here are contacts for people who have expressed a willingness to come and speak in Brixton. I have lumped some of them together as themed together. We can do re-runs of any number of films on DVD. Southside Bar or the Mango Landin’ might be ideal. The latter doesn’t have a projector I think. Look at other TTs programmes. We should be moving towards events tailored towards specific groups we haven’t brought in. And towards the Open Space Community Think tanks around the groups that are forming.

Potential partners:
Ritzy Madeleine Mullet programmer at Picturehouse Cinema 020 72922172 deadline 4 April 2008 – will call Tues 18 about Future Visions season

We worked together on the first season of films shown in the World Matinee slot at about 1pm, (very few attenders @ £4) with one 6.30pm evening showing at £5 with Question and Answer organised by us. Stall and networking in the bar afterwards. No space to do proper TTB ‘workshop thinking’ so difficult to get concrete actions agreed after showing. So good for prestige but not so good for visioning and workshopping. Also they have to charge. They do publicise a bit. But finalising the programme was according to their press deadlines… Community Officer at the Ritzy is Alice Warren 020 7326 2611

UNREPORTED WORLD John Yates John Yates 020 8671 3598 organises free screenings of indy film documentaries at the Dogstar upstairs room. He wants to work with TTB and have participatory discussion and social interaction afterwards.

‘Brixton Green‘ Philippe Castaing Upstairs Brixton 07946 892875 Good contacts in Brixton, Acre Lane and Brixton Business. He is a London Leader.

Brixton Business Forum “Devon Thomas (Brixton Business Forum)” 07931485896

Lambeth Council: especially

  • Green councillor Becca Thackray 07946 219394.
  • Cllr Lib Peck was cabinet member for the Environment, now Housing and Regeneration (includes Sustainability_) She is on side and has helped us. Within reason we can call upon her support for hiring the Town Hall. Contact via *Caroline Arding in the Labour Group Office 020 7926 1000
  • Cllr Rachel Heywood. Deputy cabinet member for Community Inclusion. She has been to a lot of meetings, was on the Climate Change Commission
  • Cllr Steve Reed is the leader and has listened receptively.
  • Derrick Anderson is the Chief Exec and has been addressed by Becca Thackray on our behalf.

See Lambeth Venues for Hire Guide and also my rough notes
*The Town Hall cannot now be booked for free as other voluntary groups are not allowed to. Lib Peck had said we should have a special arrangement. We will continue to press for more formalised partnership but we still will probably have to pay for the rooms. They are expensive. Room 8 is the one with the diamond shaped table. The Assembly Hall is the big one. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT WITHOUT CONSULTING TTB. Booking via Facilities Management 020 7926 1010 and Marcia and Robin have been helpful. Caroline Arding in the Labour Group office has been our contact. 020 7926 2943

  • Brixton St Vincents Community Centre for details. To book Caroline Funnell 020 7326 4417 downstairs hall avail some evening. Hall may be avail Fridays and occasionally some other days. eg Weds and Thurs.
  • Vida Walsh Centre, 2 Saltoun Road, SW2. Small, comfortable, good kitchen. about £50 for an evening. Now run by Age Concern Lambeth. (020) 7733 0528 or . Postal address is 336 Brixton Road, London SW9 7AA.
  • St Matthew’s Tenants Hall, St Matthews Road 020 7733 4913, Leanne. Central. Has weekday evenings social club.
  • The Trinity Congregational Church, St Matthew’s Road opp above 020 7274 5541, Jane and Alan Argent, £25ph for main hall. Underused. Margaret Creer has visited this hall.
  • The Myth Bar, upstairs from the Hope and Anchor, 123 Acre Lane, SW2 5UA has offered us film showing space on Mondays every 2 weeks (see website and click on Events) 0207 274 1787
  • Brix 020 7738 6604 Michael Bradley building manager. Community Room 1st floor. £10 per hr charities. evening booked except Friday
  • Brixton Arts Space halfway up Brixton Hill Sophia 020 8671 2706
  • Brixton Hill Methodist Church Mrs Byatt £30 per hr
  • Unitarian Hall Effra Road
  • Fridge Bar 7326 5100 Ralph (director) spoke on Weds 17 manager of bar Ludovico Semerara (not suitable for public meetings) Upstairs holds 137 total 216 can run to 250 Fridge Club 1690 feels empty if less than 900
  • Lambeth College Brixton Centre: Roger Amos 020 75015010 Knows of us. Toni was going to build a relationship
  • Southside Bar Brixton Hill SW2 1SD 020 8671 0286 / 0872 261 0116 Kate deals with events good back room (though few chairs) excellent main bar screen, happy hour 6-8pm serves food midday to 10pm, mainly sofas – not poss to do filmshowing in the bar/restaurant. Back room doesn’t have projector by does have PA. About 40 chairs.
  • Quaker Meeting House
  • Sudbourne School. Victoria Walters, business manager 020 7274 7631
  • Corpus Christie?
  • Myatt’s Field Community Centre, (Fay 020 7582 6885) £25 ph.
  • Moorlands Community Centre, Moorlands estate, 50a Correy Drive SW9 8QT Grace English 020 7738 5187 Email: special rates for community groups. eg £12.50 ph for IT suite seating about 14. Hall overlooks community garden.

Slightly further away:

  • King George’s conference centre on Stockwell road – YMCA buildings, don’t have prices from them but they seem to have suitable rooms – Lambeth council uses them a lot
  • Stockwell community resource centre – hire out whole rooms for £12 per hour which seems very reasonable to me
  • Nettlefold hall or the library at West Norwood
  • Roots and Shoots – eco building with green roof / solar heating etc near waterloo / Lambeth north – haven’t been in but it looks like it has a nice feel to the place.
  • Horniman Museum in Forest Hill – may be pricey (not sure?) but lovely venue

Meetings Venues

  • Trinity Arms, Trinity Square, SW9 8DR. Unassuming pub full of local politicos, journos and on Brixton Academy nights audience members. Quiz night, Thursdays. manager Rebecca Rees 020 7274 4544 will book a table in the one and only bar for up to about 10 people.
  • Any other pubs without background music, relatively quiet or with meeting rooms? Dogstar upstairs?

Events Bank

January – ??? 2008

Climate Change and Peak Oil. Future factors we MUST factor in. Jeremy Leggett. founder of Solarcentury in Waterloo, and expert on CC and PO author of the Carbon War and Half Gone. Spoke in July when Lib Peck (cabinet member for Environment) co-introduced him and agreed to a talk to the council on PO. Jeremy has agreed to this and has time. We need to push them to organise this so that the maximum number of members, heads of department, brixton business people and others in positions to influence and act hear it. We will then have a small group discussion and a pooling of wisdom about what to do about it. Brixton Green and Brixton Business Forum should be partners and bring in Business Leaders. Perhaps LVAC too to get the voluntary sector and Lambeth Council. We can have a talk Q&A then split into roundtables of 8 or so mixed Business, political, social, and vol sector leaders and general public discussing what it means to them and visioning the future in that informed context not blindly as FUTURE BRIXTON is liable to currently. This must happen early new year.

The End of Suburbia the original and best documentary on what oil depletion will mean for our Western lives

The Escape from Suburbia Sequel worth watching but not definitive.

The Power of Community – How Cuba Survived Peak Oil tied in with Brixton ABUNDANCE Project see food section below

Peak Oil David Strahan author of recent praised book on PO called THE LAST OIL SHOCK A Survival Guide to the Imminent Extinction of Petroleum Man. Doesn’t normally go out for less than £250 but might for a TT.

If Richard Heinberg is in the country again, we might be able to lure him down. He came to be in an audience once. We might get him sponsored by someone if we gave him a good venue.

Climate Change Climatetalk game. I have one copy and briefing notes. Facilitates discussion of CC. Facilitator needs to prepare in advance first time.

Financing of Climate Change

  1. Mika Minio Paluello at PLATFORM works how CC is financed especially RBS the oil and gas bank. perhaps a bit radical unless paired with a good reason to keep money local and in control speaker.

CC & PO shorts, lots of short DVDs Contraction and Conversion, Green Taxes, the Climate Camp 2006. and more. and shorts taken from the internet We can field an array of speakers for the Q&A and have group discussions


Money as Debt – excellent animated film (on web)

  1. I have a copy of the film.about 40 mins
  2. David Boyle The Little Money Book 07977 930220 international expert
  3. Nigel Topping – originator of the Totnes Pound (works in London at the Carbon Disclosure Project)
  4. Charlie a researcher on money Charlie talk to him first to see how good a speaker he would be.

Contraction and Convergence and Tradeable Energy Quotas

  1. Aubrey Meyer Aubrey Meyer the originator would speak and play the violin. eccentric but important. We ought to make it a good meeting with good attendances. see Can be twinned with:
  2. David Fleming originator of the Tradeable Energy Quota. He can also speak on the economics and carbon calculations behind why Nuclear Power is a Bad Thing. His young friend and editor Shaun Chamberlaine covers the same ground.

Carbon Counting and Cutting

Chris Goodall author of How to live a Low Carbon Life has agreed to speak. He lives in Oxford.

The Carbon Detox

A ‘one man show’ by George Marshall on his new book. He is the founder of COIN and the owner of the Yellow House. Entertaining. Sue Sheehan is already in negotiations to bring him here in the new year.

The Tree House Clapham by its maker Will Anderson 020 72740473 Will has a powerpoint with wonderful pics, a book and has recently written a book on living green which he has offered to do a session on and to sell and donate profits at the event to TTB.

Practical Insulation or similar Russell Smith from Carshalton Eco House See “Russell Smith (Parity Projects)” also possible to visit his house which is nearing completion. Classic small victorian house.

Brixton Sustainability Bike Ride, visiting examples of sustainability and talking about the issues. 2 1/2 hours Duncan, Shane,

Feedbacks and Biofuels. Our Climate Change Challenge. (done this in November) But Deepak would come down and try out new presentations on us for feedback. Excellent, cutting edge but also hopeful.

Six degree(s) burn(s) – Climate Change: how fast and how bad? Mark Lynas, Has said he will come and promote his book. He normally charges about £450 at least. otherwise we have an excellent 25 minute interview on DVD which we could play. It’s 1 year old and was done at climate camp.
David Wasdell Meridian Project, the Apollo Gaia project see Good speaker with a stark message but a visionary solution

Local food – in the City? We should be encouraging the Food Group when it forms to build up to an Open Space day on How will we feed Brixton after Oil?

  • Ian Walker 020 8671 8438 has written book ’30 miles’ about sourcing food within 30 miles. Used to speaking.
  • Caroline Lucas Caroline Lucas Green Party MEP for SE, produced GP Food Report with Andy Jones
  • Sustain/SAFE alliance (Feeding the Future) Sustain
  • Maddy Harland editor of Permaculture Magazine, expert on Climate Change Peak Oil and eco building. Also could do a good intro to permaculture to get people signing up to Pc courses. Has agreed to do it. We’d need to pay travel from Hants and perhaps put her up.>
  • WEN Christine Haigh TTB member works for WEN on their Local Food programme.
  • something on CSA/Farmer Markets , see Adam Watt who runs the Eostre organics stall on Sat in Acre Lane, will be the
  • WI local producers’ market, see WI website
  • London Food Link,
  • Clare/Ru/Brian at OrganicLea,
  • Julia of Growing Communities,
  • Michael Guerra inspirational permaculturist and back garden grower who inspired mine – features in Practical Permaculture video, lives in Hertford. Expert and author in container growing. Michael Guerra
  • Peter of Greener Ventures box scheme and social food network in Peckham,
  • Leon of Honest Foods, Coldharbour Lane, excellent locally sources food, Leon keeps chickens in his Mitcham garden (?) Good meeting place. They cook for Mango Landin’ a suggested place for Transition/Green Drinks.
  • Robert Biel/Andre Viljoen/Prof Yves Cabannes on Urban Agriculture.
  • Soil Association Patrick Holden director, gets peak oil. Did a conference on PO and agriculture in Jan. See website.
  • urban agriculture and food security network. source of good people Prof Yves Cabannes of UCL working on ABUNDANCE is their chief assessor of urban farming.
  • Tara Garnett, City Harvest report on growing in London accessible via ruaf

Urban food for free: foraging workshop. any time of year but best during growing season. Tim Graves [ 020 70951071, 07968 329731 does workshops has food he has preserved from S London hedgerows. Is also an urban garden grower.
also Fergus Brennan and Eleanor 020 7277 0571 who make a profession of doing workshops on wildfood. Wonderful costumes and props.

Forest Hill Honey Co Lindsay Wright, apiarist 020 8699 6071 participates in and seed exchange. Other TTs do SeedySundays

Suggestions from Guy Shrubsole It never rains contacts but it pours – not only did I discover this ‘Better Generation’ microgeneration consultancy in Brixton just the other day, this morning we had a lecture from a fantastic guy called John Parry who’s a lecturer in education for sustainable development. Turns out he’s from Lewes, of Transition Town fame, and has been fired up by the movement. He’s been trying to get people (especially young people) to be engaged in environmental and community activism for ages, long before the TT movement came along. One of his current projects is getting a kind of study centre built down in Lewes on a bit of derelict ground near a recently-reclaimed nature reserve. It’s not only eco but supports just the kind of civic engagement and social work that I think we’re looking to promote in Brixton. He gave a great powerpoint presentation on this (and other things), and I explained to him at the end I was involved in TT Brixton, and asked whether he’d give the same pesentation to a public meeting in Brixton. He was very willing! But he’s pretty tied up over the next few months so was asking whether August or September would be possible. I wasn’t sure of the calendar plan – what do you think? His email’s, although I think I’d like to be the one to contact him back so he knows who he’s talking to. (Guy Shrubsole

The other contact, the director of Better Generation, is a guy called Toby Hammond who used to do the course I’m currently doing (one of the network!). A nice bloke and very local, he lives somewhere on Brixton Hill I think and has his office in the Eurolink Business Centre on Efra Road. His email’s (although again it may be easier for me to make first contact – but note for your address book.) Also will of course put Better Gen onto the map!


liaise with Education Group, Steve Korris <>

Use Trapese Collective – will need paying.

Work with Sue Sheehan of Hyde Farm Climate Action Network on how to do local street and neighbourhood networking and action. Link up with Food up Front who want to get a network of street reps

Dave Darby has proposed doing the Low Impact Living solar panel building course in Brixton. I will supply email in paper copy.

Permaculture Design Course (Weekend Introduction and 72 hour Full Design Course) with Sebastian Mayfield, Zoe Look on the website for the best London Permaculture courses.

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