Electricity Descent Smart Meter Loan Scheme

Thanks to our recent Awards for All grant TTB has purchased 10 ‘efergy’ smart meters for the community. These tell you what electricity you are using in real time and tot it up day by day, week by week so you can see how much energy you are saving as you discover where you house is leaking electricity. TTB is lending them to Brixton householders so that they can reduce their electricity usage, save money and carbon emissions. The only obigation if you borrow a meter is to track your electricity descent, how much you manage to reduce by and to record what you discovered, what was difficult, easy, made the biggest difference etc on the wikipage. We hope this will inspire others.


If you would like to go on the waiting list for this meter please email

Surveys reckon that savings of up to 25% can be made just by being able to be aware of how much energy you are using. Electricity has more than trebled in price recently and is set to rise further. It is only about 40% energy (in)efficient in this country so you could be saving a lot of carbon dioxide emissions.


If you can’t wait we have negotiated a special deal with ‘efergy’ who are Brixton based. Go to http://www.efergy.com click on Buy Efergy, add ttbrixton as the promotional code and you will get £10 off!! bringing it down to about £35.

Change to Renewables

If you haven’t already please go to http://www.ecotricity.co.uk and change your electricity to renewable. Ecotricity have two tariffs, one totally renewable and another with a conventional generation mix. What makes them the best is that all their profits go to constructing new renewable energy generating capacity. Please quote transition brixton as the code and TTB will get a small commission to help with our work.

Members experiences and energy saving resources

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