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  1. Hi Duncan
    I’ve just signed up for the Electricty Monitor Loan Scheme, entered my details on the form and decided to look at the checking responses page. I was a bit suprised to see my full name, address, mobile number and email address for all to see, use and abuse! is there any chance that you could remove my address and mobile number please as I don’t particular want these details ‘out there’ for all to see.

  2. Tullia, apologies for this, it is an error with the form. I have emailed Duncan urgently to change it so that details are not seen.

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  4. Duncan, I just read your energy usage findings on the wiki. You say that you need instant in lighting in your hall – I recently read in which magazine a test of cfl
    bulbs that showed some cfls do come
    on much faster than others. From memory, I think a
    Megaman branded bulb performed best.

    From my own testing I found the following

    boiler pump: 70-100W
    wifi router: 10W
    desktop pc: 110W
    24 inch TFT monitor 50W
    netbook: 15W

    i had the idea to put the wifi box on a timer switch as no need to have wifi on when sleeping. Also I try to use netbook over desktop whenever possible.

    I am also interested in borrowing a monitor that works with google
    power meter. It can monitor individual appliances and give a nice graph if you have the right kit but it’s a bit expensive.

  5. Thanks for bringing the Google Power Meter to my attention, Tim, I hadn’t spotted that before. It seems that until electricity companies start fitting smart meters we will have to buy our own in order to use Google Power Meter. They only seem to be available from AlertMe (https://shop.alertme.com/) and cost at least £50, with a £20 yearly subscription. An irony is that you have to plug the AlertMe meter into the mains (it consumes 1W) and you need to have your broadband modem switched on all the time in order for the meter to send the readings to Google (via the AlertMe server).

  6. Please note: Duncan has altered the form, so other people’s signup details are not shown.

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