Transition Town Brixton Community Interest Company

On 20 April 2010 TTB became a Community Interest Company. This is to help us be more effective, and to limit the liability of those involved.

There are 6 directors and a process is underway to spread the membership more widely so that there is a broad democratic base involved in deciding the strategy of the organisation.

The Directors meet monthly.

The minutes of their meetings are here:
TTBCICDirectorsMeeting11August2010 | TTB CIC Directors Meeting 11 August 2010

TTBCICDirectorsMeeting14July2010 | TTB CIC Directors Meeting 14 July 2010

TTBCICDirectorsMeeting9June2010 | TTB CIC Directors Meeting 9 June 2010

TTB has spend a while working on its governance process. Earlier we called it the Hub Group and some of the thinking from then is here

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