Whats next for Remade

What’s next for Remade in Brixton?

Meeting Tues 23 March 7-9.30pm upstairs at the Dogstar, 389 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton SW9 8LQ

Our pop-up shop, the Work-Shop is coming to the end of its 3 month rent-free period on Saturday 27 March… so what’s next?

If you’re interested in being involved in the future of upcycling and upskilling for a zero waste Brixton… join us to discuss and be part of Remade in Brixton’s next steps.

Although we won’t have a shop any more, Remade in Brixton will work in a more mobile and flexible way. The Work-Shop has proved that there’s lots of demand for courses and workshops in sewing and other skills, so we’ll continue to run these in a variety of venues. Hiring / borrowing different sized spaces and facilities when we need them, and partnering with other organisations will enable us to offer a wider range of events. We’re also aiming to maintain a retail presence in central Brixton in some form, with a Remade in Brixton rail / display in one or more local shops. And we’re developing the business plan and funding applications for Brixton Reuse Centre, a larger space for collecting and processing reused items such as furniture and appliances, wood, bikes, garden construction materials and textiles (with a likely location identified in a disused block of 40 garages on Paulet Road).

Are you interested in:

  • Running workshops / courses? Currently we are focusing on beginners’ sewing courses but are keen to develop a wider range of “remaking” workshops – such as repair skills (for clothes, furniture, electricals), weaving, upholstery, garden construction, bike repairs and bike trailers, insulation from waste, and more…?
  • Helping to co-ordinate our retail operation?
  • Marketing, engagement and networking?
  • Strategy, business planning and fundraising for Brixton Reuse Centre or other projects?
  • Or something else…?

Come and meet others who have been involved in the Work-Shop as volunteers or teachers, or in other Remade in Brixton projects. The Work-Shop has helped to gather lots of energy and interest around creative reuse and recycling in Brixton, so let’s keep the momentum going as we diversify into different spaces and ways of working!


1. Go-round:

  • Who is here and why
  • Add any extra agenda items
  • Divide into groups if appropriate

2. Reuse Centre updates:

  • About Paulet Road garage site
  • LCRN funding application and business plan / feasibility study
  • Potential partner projects – Doug Newton (Wood recycling), Nueva Generacion (Bike repair), TTB Food (Garden construction materials, tools), Re-Piano
  • LCRN 12 priority materials for reuse expansion opportunities (not in order): Domestic furniture, Large WEEE, Textiles, Paint, Office furniture, Hotel fittings, Building materials, Books, Carpets, Small household items including small WEEE, Children’s equipment, Bicycles
  • Visit to Community Payback workshops
  • Meeting with Veolia
  • Visit to Vale Street Reuse & Recycling Centre

3. Workshops / courses:

  • Continuing / adding to beginners’ sewing courses
  • Other “remaking” workshops – repair skills (for clothes, furniture, electricals), weaving, upholstery, garden construction, bike repairs and bike trailers, insulation from waste, etc. Brainstorm – who can do / who do we know?
  • Venues – Community Shop, Ikosi, Secondo, Garden Temple (Artworks Direct)
  • Prices and teachers’ fees

4. Retail:

  • Anyone interested in co-ordinating?
  • Potential locations – Community Shop, Ikosi, other second hand shops
  • Business models – rent a space / share profits from sales
  • Branding – what should a display tell customers about Remade in Brixton, and how?
  • Continue Give & Take table and Wants & Offers board?

5. General areas of responsibility / expertise:

  • Strategy, business planning and fundraising
  • Project management
  • Marketing, engagement and networking
  • HR and recruitment
  • Design (branding / graphics and making stuff e.g. display stands, noticeboards)

6. Incorporation

  • Articles – different share models
  • Form IN01 – directors present to fill and sign?

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