TTB and the Director of Lambeth First on 11 March 2010

Notes of  Meeting

Present: Ian Jackson(Director Lambeth First), Duncan, Margaret

1. Existing Lambeth – TTB contacts

Remade is already supplying a Waste Prevention Officer to Lambeth Council.

2. Opportunities for TTB

a) Lambeth have established a Social Enterprise Development Fund to help emerging enterprises to develop. TTB may be able to tap into this.

b) Steve Reed’s Plans for Co-operative Council

Steve plans a consultation on this – a possible opportunity for TTB to get ideas across on a fresh look at the services that should be provided eg for dealing with offenders. Existing thinking will probably focus only on different people providing the same services

Duncan commented that the New Economics Foundation are already putting across many relevant ideas

c) Representation for TTB on Lambeth First

Steve Reed wants to involve TTB in the Sustainable Community Strategy. However, the next meeting of the Strategic Board – on 10 June – would not be till after the election; also, there would be an election for the Chair of Lambeth First after the election – doesn’t have to be the Leader of the Council. Therefore, likely TTB will need to approach the new Chair of Lambeth First after the general election

The process for allocating the spare place for the voluntary sector on the Strategic Board is still being decided.

Issues about the Sustainable Community Strategy

It is heavily weighted towards traditional targets eg employment rates, training strategy. Nothing on transforming employment or bringing together worklessness and sustainability, only one on CO2 reduction. Potentially could add other sustainability , supply chain, procurement targets, travel to work plans.

Lambeth are already unhappy about the targets. It is on the cards that any new government will abolish targets. Current mindset means we go for low cost solutions eg we focus on dealing with waste but not on minimising it through re-use.

Lambeth First and Worklessness Delivery

Ian is recruiting someone, Kamal Motalib, to reinvisage what the worklessness economy will look like. TTB has already been involved with the local economic assessment and Duncan expressed his wish to input to Kamal’s work.

Duncan: Could Lambeth train all the insulators of Victorian houses for London?

Action: Ian to pick up stuff on LEA regarding the focus

Duncan reiterated the value of a needs and opportunities analysis to deal with what is wasteful and to generate very many jobs


Fiona Booth from Lambeth continues to be very active working with the Strategic Partnership in proposing sustainability action on the public sector side, especially big businesses

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