May 09 Key points from Buildings & Energy meeting on May 5th

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7pm Trinity Arms. Present: Chris, Tom, Floyd, Sue, Toni, Jenny, Martin, Adam

We started off with a great energy game designed to raise awareness about the relative energy use of different domestic appliances and to get conversations going about energy at neighbourhood meetings. Please contact Sue if you’d like to know more about this game ( For a group of ‘experts’ we did OK but perhaps not as well as we should!

1. Training and reskilling

Sue outlined the Global Action Plan EcoTeams event: The event will take place on July 11th 10am-2.30pm. Contact Sue ( Global Action Plan are offering to run eco-teams (up to 30) with voluntary groups in Lambeth. They need one voluntary group to be the umbrella body – it can’t be the Council or we would have to pay. We agreed the umbrella body should be TT Brixton. An introduction to eco teams is via the link below. Eco-teams would then run September to December.

Adam outlined the reskilling opportunities. The TTB Buildings and Energy relevant course include: Introduction to Plumbing, Solar Power, Wind Power, Solar Water, Sustainable Water and Sewage, Building with Timber, Introduction to Sustainable Energy in the Home. A full list can be found here: We discussed the need to ensure quality of delivery and trainers although many courses would have the aegis of the host organisation such as LILI or Hackney City Farm. We also discussed the potential to market the courses at places like B&Q and other DIY goods suppliers to reach a wider audience. For more information, contact Adam (

2. Green Communities Event, June 8th Sue described the forthcoming Green Communities Event in Lambeth Town Hall: The event will run from 6.30-9pm and will raise awareness of green communities in Lambeth and promote links between Lambeth officers and volunteers in community groups. There will be an energy area/stall as well as stalls on waste, food and transport. A number of our members are forming neighbourhood groups so this is a great opportunity to bring neighbours along and for them to be inspired. Contact Sue ( if you would like to help out on the night or contribute.

3. Finalising the Heat and Energy Saving the Consultation feedback (due May 8th)

No further comments from the group on the document. The consultation feedback has been submitted.

4. GLA Low Carbon Zones programme (potential bid for an area in Lambeth to be a pilot for the Zones)

Jenny, Sue and Chris will follow up with Lambeth and try to get Lambeth to submit proposals for Low Carbon Zones to the GLA.

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