June 09 Key points from Buildings & Energy meeting on May 26th

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Canton Arms, South Lambeth Road Present: Chris, Martin, Toni, Adam, Ed, Jeremy Cavanagh At the start of the meeting Chris gave an overview of the ASSA Climate Action Network activities at the start of the meeting.

1. Strategic Goals for 2009

The priorities set in November 2008 were

1. Develop the group’s collective knowledge of the resources that currently exist to assist people in improving the energy performance of their homes (as a first step to promoting these resources).

2. Develop a presentation for use with community groups.

3. Start a process of engagement with LBL about the Local Development Framework and Future Brixton masterplan.

4. Develop a brief with LBL for the Roupell Park energy centre.

It was agreed that these priorities needed updating.

Strategic Goals 2009

1. People – To develop a presentation for use with community groups

2. Lambeth’s Plans – Review and influence Lambeth’s Local Development Framework

3. General – To make use of Lambeth’s Green Communities Champions Officer

4. Skills – To organise skills training in domestic energy efficiency skills (basic plumbing, DIY etc)

2. Training and Reskilling

Planning to put on a course titled an Introduction to Sustainable Energy in the Home. We have a tutor but need a venue and decide a date in August, probably the first Saturday. Spoken to Lambeth College about them putting on intro courses in plumbing, electrical skills and DIY.

3. Library House

Steve Bradley is keen to turn Library House, a large detached Victorian residential property next to Minet Library, into an exemplar property for energy efficiency measures. It could also be an educational facility. The group agreed that they should support it in anyway that they could but noted that the project was going to be primarily a Lambeth council initiative.

4. Low Carbon Zones

Chris explained that Lambeth will be short-listing three areas in the borough to submit as Low Carbon Zones to the GLA. The submissions are due July 31st with the decision being made in September. Lambeth hopes to get at least one Low Carbon Zone. TTB will watch progress and participate once a decision is made. We will contribute as necessary to the application process.

5. CERT money

Adam explained that the major energy suppliers are obliged to spend a certain (large) amount on energy efficiency in residential properties and suggested TTB should take advantage of this potential funding source.

It was agreed that each member present would write to an energy supplier asking them to offer a package of home energy efficiency measures which could be marketed to the Transition Town email list. The best offer would be taken and sent out. The job of writing to energy suppliers was allocated as Toni (EDF), Martin (Scottish and Southern), Chris (British Gas), Adam (Powergen/E.on), Ed (trade group), Jeremy (nPower and Scottish Power). Chris will write a standard email. Note: All electricity and gas suppliers who operate in the household market and have more than 50,000 customers are legally obliged to reduce the carbon emissions from their customer base by agreeing with the market regulator, Ofgem, a series of measures and installations which are installed in houses. The obligation, since 2008 known as the Carbon Emissions Reduction Target (CERT), means energy suppliers have to meet a carbon reduction target by 2012. The obligation also states that 40% of the measures must be installed in the ‘priority group’ households. These are identified by what are known as ‘passport benefits’—i.e. housing benefit, unemployment benefit, households with pensioners etc.

It is worth noting that the scheme is funded by suppliers adding a levy (not seen on bills which cause concerns from some commentators). It is estimated that the cost to the ‘average’ household of all environmental levies added to their bill is in the region of £40/yr/fuel (so around £80 a year for customers with gas and electricity accounts).

More info on CERT: http://www.ofgem.gov.uk/Sustainability/Environment/EnergyEff/CU/Documents1/certfeb09.pdf http://www.ofgem.gov.uk/Sustainability/Environment/EnergyEff/CU/Documents1/certfeb09.pdf

6. Wood recycling project

Toni gave an overview of a wood recycling project being started in Lambeth. The project will collect wood and recycle it at the same time as reskilling the unemployed. The man putting the project together is looking for premises. No one knew of any potential premises of an adequate size. 7. AOB Chris announced that he would not be able to continue as a full time convenor of the group due to other commitments. IT was agreed that the group would use a rotating convenor for three months at a time. Toni Scott kindly agreed to convene for the next three months. It was agreed that the Buildings and Energy group should contribute to the Lambeth Country Show on July 18th and 19th. We would determine the contribution at the next meeting and by the next meeting we would find out what other TTB presence there would be.

8. Next Meeting

July 2nd, Trinity Arms, Brixton

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