Education Group report back from Open Meeting, Assembly Room, 1.10.07

Steve Korris (convenor) Anna Stopes, Harry Cormack
Long Term Vision

  • Information & knowledge of how a community can live a low energy existence & be more in tune with natural cycles, to be taught in all schools as part of the regular teaching programme
    • This would include the knowledge and practical skills of how to put theory into action
  • School experiences to be environmentally friendly, i.e.
    • Transport to school
    • Teaching areas
    • School ethos
    • Recycling & energy usage
      etc all to be orientated towards a reduced carbon output & an environmentally aware policy

Medium Term Vision

  • Define specifics of what we believe should be taught in schools
    • Work in relation to local government to harmonise vision
  • Create links between the charities / organisations that can provide the necessary teachings skills, & those schools which require / request those services
  • Potentially organise TTB information days, workshops etc at schools
    • Information, films, activities etc
    • Think about a strategy of how existing curricula e.g. about renewable energies, can focused and emphasised
      • i.e. much very useful info is already taught at schools, but it can appear distant and not something that can be tried on an individual level
  • Conduct a regular set of skills workshops & programmes to re-skill the local population in necessary areas

Initial Steps

  • Research what schools are covered within the TTB remit
  • Research local/ national government policy
  • Create a basic TTB strategy/ curriculum of what we deem should be added to current school programmes, e.g.
    • Food production
    • Environmental education
    • Recycling
    • Energy saving
  • Create a survey to be sent to school heads to:
    • Inform them of TTB, – its aims, strategy (especially in relation to local government), and the role which they may be able to play in creating a sustainable future
    • Survey to gain a better understanding of what environmental education, energy awareness practices etc are already in existence within school programmes
    • Survey to find what aspects of basic TTB curriculum schools would be interested in
  • Research the charities & organisations which already provide the types of education were interested in, e.g.
    • Trees For Cities – Tree planting & environmental education
    • LMB – Textile & Shoe Recycling
    • Sustrans – Cycling promotion
  • Contact Transition Town Totnes to find out more on their ‘Transition Tales’ pilot


  • Make further contact with Brixton library (and others?) about creating a resource area for environmental practices, peak oil, energy saving, permaculture etc see Other Projects below


  • Look into setting up skills workshops as part of the events calendar
    • Dependant on requirements – i.e. obtain feedback from mailing list as to what sort of courses people would like to attend if they were available

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