April 09 Key points from Buildings & Energy meeting on April 1st

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7pm Hambrook House. Present: Chris, Martin, Clem, Sue, Jon, Jenny, Brigid, Paul Lewis of Self Energy

1. Heat and Energy Saving Consultation

Chris went through the summary document of the DECC Heat and Energy Saving consultation with the group. He noted that the input so far had come primarily from the smaller group that had met at Will’s house on March 28th. A number of the responses were discussed and some of this feedback has gone into the attached document or requests have been sent to the relevant people for input on specific areas.

2. Training and Neighbourhood Events

We agreed CAFÉ training would be good and would be a way for us to take energy advice back into our own communities/neighbourhoods. We had a good discussion about how we want to approach outreach and most felt they wanted to be enabled to do more in their neighbourhoods, rather than reach out to other neighbourhood. Sue can invite her green champions to the training and recruit new green champions at the training. We want to include an element at the end that is about encouraging people to do an event in their community – discussing what that event might be (eg energy awareness evening, film, talk) and pinning people down a bit. Sue has also been approached about Global Action Plan about running eco teams in Lambeth. They would train team leaders. It’s all free and right up our street.

Subsequent to the meeting Sue Sheehan has been informed about to other training opportunities: Carbon Descent is asking for our (TTB Building and Energy Group’s) input on Ecostiler. The CAFÉ training might take some time to access given operational issues with the programme so Will Anderson has suggested the Ecostiler and maybe the Global Action Plan training might be better for TTB people. Nigel Haselden also mentioned some other free training Urban Design London, and Open House Training. He is keen to get councillors and officers on some of this training so that could link into CAFÉ and others too.

4. June 8th Green Communities Open Evening

Sue Sheehan is organising an open evening (6.30-9pm) to raise awareness of green communities in Lambeth and promote links between Lambeth officers and volunteers in community groups. There will be an ‘energy’ area/stall. We can borrow demonstration materials from Hyde Farm CAN and get conversations going with community group representatives and council officers about how to increase the take-up of draught-proofing, insulation, low energy lighting etc. Possibly also some renewables… A number of our members are forming neighbourhood groups so this is a great opportunity to bring neighbours along and for them to be inspired…

5. AOB

Steve Bradley is keen to turn Library House, a large detached Victorian residential property next to Minet Library, into an exemplar property for energy efficiency measures offering training to long-term unemployed in the process. It could also be an educational facility.

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