Agenda – Hub Group Meeting

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1. Welcome. Introduction.
2. Apologies
3. Minutes: volunteer to take minutes.
4. Introduction to meeting processes: handsignals, proposal, etc.
5. Updates on groups by all group spokespersons.
6. Core TTB group issues & sustainability. Jody

inc. shared aims/vision?
inc. ensuring good communication between groups
inc. procedures for sharing/updating of contacts
inc. ensuring centralised efforts on lobbying council members

7. Proposal taken on formation of core steering group.
9. Finances
10. Other business (Tescos?)
11. Date of next meeting

The above looks good. Or what about:
To assign some of the important and urgent jobs and strategy work to individuals

– Duncan?Jody presents list of jobs and strategy work (or at least the most important ones). List to be circulated in advance if possible (15 mins) – Group scores the list on basis of importance, urgency and ease of doing to identify best items to concentrate on (20 mins) – Individuals identify which items they could best contribute to (discuss in pairs – try to identify 3 possibles) (10 mins) – All sign up for at least one – Review (including cases where 2 people have signed) – If necessary, as many peeps as possible sign up for second one – Review – If necessary, as many peeps as possible sign up for third one (30 mins)

xx. (but lower priority) To familiarise more with possible Hub Group functions

– Duncan to talk us through the Hub Group function list – Discuss and brainstorm issues (30 mins)

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