Working Groups Forum

AGENDA for next Forum for Working Groups to be held on

TUESDAY 27 July, 6.30 for 7-9pm at the Loughborough Community Centre, 105 Angell Road SW9 7PD

This is the email that was sent out:

In all the focus on getting TTB set up as a Community Interest Company the Working Group Forum rather ceased. In the past it has been useful providing much of the strategic focus for TTB and connecting the actions and thinking of the groups. The directors of TTB very much want this to continue and to assemble a group-led ‘strategic plan’ to show to funders and guide TTB through the coming year. We also want to support the work of the groups and make your lives a bit easier. Transition Town Totnes did an excellent workshop on Transition Livelihoods at the conference showing how the links between the groups has produced a really joined up and inspiring EDAP, begun to realise joined-up, big visions such as their Energy Services Company (TRESCO), Transition Streets, Totnes Sustainable Construction Co… and is beginning to provide opportunities for people to make their livings out of doing Transition. There is much to be gained from re-establishing the Working Group Forum.

A Working Group Forum convening group has formed to make this process fun, creative and valuable.

We would like to invite you and one other delegate (more if this is logical) from your working group (with some experience of the group) to join us on Monday 27 July at 6.30 for 7-9 at the Loughborough Community Centre, 105 Angell Road (corner of Barrington Road) SW9 7PD (where we hold the Our Space open evenings). Refreshments and chat from 6.30-7pm. The meeting will be facilitated and we will be using consensus process as pioneered recently in Shop Group meetings. Directors are invited too. RSVP

We would like

* a short (max 5 mins) update on the work of the group over the last 6 months and projects ongoing.
* a statement of your group’s Vision, Mission and Aims (see below for definitions and examples.) We’d like you to vision your group and back-cast. As a starting point you may like to read the group visions created in early 2009.
* you to think about and answer these questions ideally with your group or at least with an experienced colleague. If you want to send us your answers in advance of the meeting that would be very helpful. marked WGF questions. If you can’t make the meeting it would be great if another group member could be delegated to come.

1. Where would you like to be? eg doing an Open Space event, writing your EDAP, setting up an ESCO, the Brixton Farm…. think big.
2. Where are you? eg meeting monthly, 6 active volunteers, overstretched.
3. What are the barriers to you moving forward? eg convenors time, lack of volunteers,
4. What are your group’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats (SWOT analysis)?
5. Have you done a skills audit of your group?
6. What capacity do you have to offer to TTB/other groups?
7. What would you like provided by central TTB to facilitate your work?
8. What would be the additional benefits from groups working synergistically together. (Allow yourself to have a big vision)
9. How can groups best collaborate, creatively and constructively to build Transition.
We will provide an organisation chart at the meeting and will be asking for your thoughts on how the Working Group Forum should run.

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you next Monday… If you have any queries please contact Duncan on 07958 635181

The Working Group Forum convenors Sue Bell, Merlin Hayward, Duncan Law and Martin Abrahams

VISION MISSION AIMS: definitions and examples as if from Remade

Vision: A dream or description of a future world and how wonderful it could be if the organization could fulfill all its aims. e.g. for Re-made: Nothing is manufactured outside Brixton and nothing old is wasted.

Mission: A statement of the circles overall approach to realising the vision. It motivates the circle and reflects its relationship to the client (public) or larger organization (TTB) e.g. We are going to teach local people how to re-use old items, pool resources and set up re-use centers. We’re going to work with the Brixton Pound, the Chamber of commerce and all other relevant parties to realise the re-localisation of manufacturing in Brixton.

Aim: Describes an intended result that can be produced and used as a yardstick for measuring success and test the validity of objections in the consensus process. e.g . We are going to conduct re-skilling workshops in every area of Brixton, and support people to set up a local re-use centre in each one. We are going to organise a local ‘manufacturers and suppliers fair’ to promote the use of local goods.

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