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NB: Please see also our new website which we are gradually moving all information over to. This wiki site will be frozen soon. If you would like to add material, please do so on the new site, if possible. Thanks.

On Thursday 2 October 2008 Transition Town Brixton ‘Unleashed’ its pent-up energy towards designing a better low energy future. At the end of the evening hundreds of people got into small groups and began the visioning process before covering the Brixton ‘Transition Tree’ with leaves containing their ideas. See them here

A number of working groups are focussing their work towards contributing to the Brixton Energy Descent Action Plan whilst continuing with their pioneering practical projects such as the local currency, influencing the Local Development Framework, growing food… Next meetings of these groups are here

We live in ‘interesting times’. There is everything at stake and loads to do. Please get involved and spread the word.

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The Great Unleashing, Thursday 2 October 8pm 2008, Assembly Hall, Lambeth Town Hall.

To Do List

Exhibition and Shelf in Brixton Library

Climate Campaign Meeting

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