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Mission – To Promote Carfree Living

To unite South London communities working towards reducing road noise and pollution, increasing road safety, promoting the efficient use of scarce energy resources, cutting CO2 emissions and providing more space for living by reducing the number of cars on the road.

To make it easier for people to give up their cars by finding community solutions to improve accessibility to goods and services that avoid the need for private car ownership.

To create a network of individuals and communities who can share sustainable transport solutions to issues such as carrying heavy shopping, travelling with children, integrating bicycle use with public transport.

To encourage the use of car share clubs that meet community needs, as a stepping stone to reduced car ownership.

To help communities organise carfree street parties to engender community spirit, and showcase the advantages of carfree living.

We will work with local communities and individuals, local government and local businesses to transition to carfree living in South London.

See full document on this:

Mission Statement document

Vision – A Carfree South London

South London without personally owned cars will be a quieter, safer and more sociable place to live.

Kids will be free to play safely in residential streets where absolute priority is given to pedestrians and cyclists.

Local shops, local services and entertainment will limit the need for driving long distances, allowing more time to enjoy the company of neighbours and engendering a community spirit.

Communities will reclaim the large tracts of land in this already crowded city occupied by parked cars and wide car lanes by converting it into bigger public squares, parks, and safe, extensive cycle paths.

Walking and cycling in South London will become a safer and more enjoyable way to get around.

The already excellent public transport system in South London will improve further with increased demand, linking London boroughs quickly and efficiently.

Car clubs will expand to allow communities to continue to access car transport with much lower costs in terms of noise, space, emissions and expense.


Cheap Cycle Lessons – Building Confidence for Assertive Cycling

Unfortunately I am not providing cheap cycle training sessions any more (as of 2010). However, if you wish to brush-up on your cycle skills, or build up your confidence in cycling on the road (whether beginner or advanced) or practice a more assertive cycling style, then I would thoroughly recommend one or two (at least) cycle training sessions with a trained instructor. Most councils (including Lambeth) offer cheap / subsidised individual lessons, and you can find out about this and book lessons through Cycle Training UK ( ).

Another useful contact is the London Cycling Campaign: And the Local (Lambeth) Group:

Feel free to contact me if wish to discuss this or other cycling issues too – Email Patrick:

Good luck, and HAPPY CYCLING!

New in Nov 2010: Proposal in the pipeline – Low Carbon food produce delivery service For Brixton Market shops and stalls to deliver bulk and general produce to customers in local and surrounding areas, using electric vans and cycle/ tricycle trailers. Watch this space for developments! (Nov 2010)

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