How much has Brixton changed over the last ten to fifteen years? How much have things changed even in the last year? In what ways will Brixton change again when factors like rising oil prices and climate change start to take a toll?

What brings us to a place and makes us want to stay? What makes us love a place, feel a part of it and want to change it for the better? What’s special about Brixton?

Who are the people that make Brixton what it is?


We would like to make a short film that celebrates Brixton and its collective wisdom. We would like the theme of this film to be community, resilience and reliance.

It’s aim is to take a snap shot of the teaming streets and quiet pockets of action, faith and hope that exist in this diverse area. But also to delve more deeply into some personal stories which illustrate the bigger story of Brixton, with a focus on those stories which bring to the fore issues related to sustainability, the environment and community resilience. We hope that the natural storytellers will emerge during the filming and through them windows into the backstreets of Brixton will be opened, but some areas we are interested in exploring include:

The Muslim community The market traders The Christian community Disaffected youth (perhaps through the boxing club) Changes since the riots (perhaps through Sam the Wheels or Pat on the Blenheim Gardens Estate – two perspectives) Please add more ideas…

We want to show case people who are key to their communities and have their own stories to tell, but to weave into these the reality of climate change and the end of the age of oil. We want to make clear that every body has their own stories, their own priorities and concerns, but that nobody whatever their age, creed or colour is immune to having to face up to these twin perils and contribute in some way to our future transition and survival.

Many people are wised up to the fact we are living in a time of great change and uncertainty, and a time when our humanity and compassion will be tested; it is not just Transition Town members that are striving for a better future. Many other people, through their life style choices, their jobs, their safeguarding and passing on of skills, and their small and large everyday actions are playing their part and influencing others to do the same. Their contributions should be acknowledged here as these are the people we need to honour and learning from, as individuals and as an organisation.

2 responses to “THE STORY OF BRIXTON”

  1. Dear Madam/Sir,
    I am writing a masters dissertation on the subject of Resilience Theory and Transition Towns. At the moment my ‘loose’ question is based on something along the lines of :
    Does the application of Resilience Theory in Transition Towns make them more sustainable. The question will probably change slightly as I get to grips with the dissertation as I have not actually started writing yet. The deadline for the dissertation is end of August. What I would like to do at this stage is to try to visit (ideally) 3 relatively established TT’s (Totnes, Lewes, Brixton) to get a better understanding of the TT positions and to conduct an interview with one or more key people involved as I will probably do a case study analysis of 3 TT’s. I realise that you are probably all very busy with queries and perhaps even summer holidays soon, which is why I was hoping to arrange a convenient time to meet someone suitable in a months time in July perhaps. That would also allow me time to get a better understanding of the field and my dissertation in order to get the most from any interview. My dissertation supervisor is Riki Therivel and I am a student at Oxford Brookes. My direct number should you prefer to call me is 07595 362 869. I look forward to your reply.
    Kind regards, Babinder

  2. Hi Babinder,

    Hope your dissertation went well. Is it possible for us to have a link to it, or a copy. Or is it on the Transition Network site?

    Best regards,


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