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Below are some of the documents so far generated for this project. Larger ones (containing photos) such as the letter sent to seed companies and the hand out with questionnaire sent to every household are too big to post. Sorry :(

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Simple outline

Door knocking survey layout

The following docs owe a debt of thanks to Totnes’ Garden Share project and the Adopt-a-Garden scheme on the Isle of Wight (Footprint Trust)

Agreement Guidelines and Certificate between Gardener and Garden Owner

Gardener Regisration Form

Garden Owner Registration Form

Garden Safety Guidelines

Simple Agreement For Estates

This project has received support, advice or donations from:

The Blenheim Gardens Estate RMO; Clapham Youth Centre; Capital Growth / Sustain; Thompson&Morgan; DT Brown; SeedsDirect; Marchalls; Chiltern; The Conservation Foundation & Wandsworth Prison (Tools Shed); Transition Town Brixton; Food Up Front; Veolia

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