Remade Meeting 9

Remade in Brixton meeting

Notes 8 July 2009 (7pm)

Ritzy Cafe

Present: Hannah Lewis, Olga Martinez, Christian Nold, Stephen Edwards, Olivia Christophersen, Sophie Broadbent, Daniela Boraschi

NTD TV documentaries

Olga Martinez – interested in making programmes on environmental issues, including green fashion, for New Tang Dynasty Television.

Suggestions: Chris – chairs made out of playstations; Clara – local, eco-textiles; pilot sustainability market one Sunday in Electric Avenue in October; potential project reusing cooking oil eg Uptown Oil; Aardvark composting; Clapham printworks project training 14-16 year old girls in reused textiles; Felix’s vox pop idea.

Olga can also help TTB with website/filming etc.

Lambeth Country Show

Better Neighbourhoods Tent (Sue Sheehan, Lambeth Council + TTB): Limited space for flyers. Programme of demonstrations. Could make bunting out of eg plastic bags/with children’s writing/input, on site? Sophie has sewing machine, fabric and means of making bunting. Olga could help make bunting Workshops run by Stephen?

TRAID, Velo-re (bike tyre belts), TTB Textiles Reskilling, Bridget (student working 2 days a week for Remade in Brixton) will run activities eg Tetrapak wallets. Could collect Tetrapaks from local cafes?

Recycling Tent, Council Waste Department, in ‘reuse area’. Badge machine – preferably with positive, Remade-in-Brixton-related slogans. Need old magazines/fabrics. Stephen has spare magazines, also some spare in Town Hall reception? Could use material from local area eg out of date Ritzy leaflets

  • Action: Stephen to write plan for workshop by Monday for Hannah to circulate
  • Action: Hannah to set up doodle to co-ordinate volunteers for 2 stalls. (Olga can help on Sunday)
  • Action: Hannah, Sophie and Olga to liaise about organising bunting
  • Action: Hannah to find out whether electricity available. If not, liaise with Christian about bringing car battery + inverter
  • Action: Hannah to organise sign-up sheet and bring leaflets from Green communities event, possibly redesigned with larger/less writing and more information on getting involved eg advertising next meeting
  • Action: Hannah to send original leaflet to Stephen to amend text

Brixton Splash

Bonnie wants to create monument to oil. Has been talking to local school about collecting waste items to be used.

  • Action: Hannah to e-mail Bonnie, cc’ing Stephen and Felix

Other projects

Community space/shop in/near market. Local identity. Use of empty space. Business Desk – business growth and enterprise department – one-stop shop for enterprises, compiling directory of empty spaces. Similar to ‘Usefulness Centre’ concept – reusing materials and reskilling people.

Getting legal status so we can start applying for funding.

  • Action: Bridget to help write funding applications.

Effective communication

e-group to encourage more dialogue and action between meetings?

More formal committee??

Hannah to forward e-mails to core group for comment? (i.e. people who’ve attended meetings in the last 4-5 months)

  • Action: Hannah to set up e-group and invite people who’ve attended meetings

Longer term actions:

  • Daniela to design logo? (
  • Redesign leaflet
  • T-shirt printing workshop? Maybe for Urban Green Fair or market stall rather than Country Show?
  • Christian and Daniela could do half-day workshop for TTB sharing skills on designing leaflets from September. Hannah to e-mail Adam, Duncan and Christian to co-ordinate this.

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