Remade Meeting 7

Remade in Brixton

Notes 7 April 2009 (7pm)

Trinity Arms, 45 Trinity Gardens, London, SW9 8DR

Present: Olivia Christopherson, Tom Graham, Hannah Lewis, James Tyas

1. Visioning – update and next steps

We had a look at all the visions for a zero-waste Brixton that were brainstormed at the previous meeting on 4 March

Most of tonight’s meeting was spent categorising these visions against several criteria – how soon they could happen, estimated impact, how easy or hard, “means” or “end”, and which sector(s) we would work with. This will help to prioritise action, and to place the visions on a timeline leading up to 2030 – as part of TTB’s “Energy Descent Action Plan”.

To see how the visions were ranked please have a look at this Google Doc. Obviously these assessments are based on the best guesses of people in the room – if you think differently (or have more visions to add to the list) please get in touch!

2. Actions

Olivia: research what other Transition waste groups are doing as case studies to inform our work.

James: research facts and figures on Lambeth waste (proportions of different content, destinations).

Tom: forward details of composting project on Camden estate (friend of his). Also up for being involved in research and “making things happen”, but action must be effective and have measurable outcomes, specifically cutting carbon (also building resilience but that may be harder to measure…)

Hannah: use the visions (together with other projects already underway) to propose next steps / a plan of action for 2009.

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