Remade Meeting 4

Remade in Brixton

Notes 21 January 2009

Melanin Partnership, 5th Floor, Piano House, Brighton Terrace, London SW9 8DJ

Present Katharina Bielenberg, Mitchell Jacobs, Hannah Lewis, Debora Silva

Repair Centre

  • Easy point of entry for people not already engaged with TTB.
  • Different strands:
	- reduction of waste stream – industrial side
	- arty fun side – clothes, homewares
	- youth enterprises – e.g. waste oil collection? (see below – issues around restaurant / bar sector)
  • What would be repaired / reused? We need to know more about existing services – so we’re not in competition but filling gaps / synergising (e.g. offering further training in different types of repair). Directory research will help with this, + questionnaires to existing repair / reuse businesses. Also need to consider / research what kinds of things are actually repairable.
  • ACTION > Hannah to develop Remade in Brixton scoping document. The Repair Centre will be one element within this.


  • Something online that people can add to – Google Map or similar (like Fruit & Nut Map of South London –

  • Easy quick engagement – people can contribute remotely – build involvement, momentum.
  • Businesses offering repair / reuse / recycling services, or taking part in projects, can display a “Remade in Brixton” sticker with tagline and web address – raise profile.
  • Questionnaires to businesses – to find out what kind of recycling services they need (focus on restaurant / bar sector to begin with – Mitchell’s network – issues e.g. waste oil), and to find out more about existing services so that Remade can effectively fill gaps / create synergy.
  • ACTION > Hannah to set up map
  • ACTION > Mitchell to check out costs of sticker printing + web hosting
  • ACTION > Towards questionnaire – Mitchell to speak to Philippe of Brixton Green / Katharina to SW9 bar – get idea of questions – how to save businesses money (which could be used to further project) – focus on this sector in central Brixton for “easy win”
  • ACTION > Questionnaire up online (once developed by Mitchell and Katharina) – ask others in group to take to other businesses.

TTB budget

  • Transition Town Brixton has £1000 to distribute to TTB groups for projects in 2009 – proposal deadline 1 Feb.
  • ACTION > Hannah to put together proposal for Remade in Brixton stickers (if not too expensive) and website.

Film-making possibilities

  • Debora is a film student doing a dissertation on documentaries that can effect change, and interested in making Transition-related films. Also involved with “Food not bombs” movement.
  • Mitchell / Mo-Shon have a TV / publishing project in the pipeline under the umbrella of “Green in the City” – focusing on urban green projects – could include something on Remade?

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