Remade in Brixton

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Remade in Brixton is a community-led initiative for a waste-free Brixton. We develop and promote action to make better use of resources locally, focusing on efficient use, repair, reuse and recycling. As part of Transition Town Brixton, we prioritise projects that cut carbon and build local resilience.

REMADE IN BRIXTON mindmap 040509

To get involved or find out more please contact Hannah Lewis .

Meeting Wednesday 22 October 2008 NOTES

Meeting Monday 10 November 2008 NOTES

Meeting Tuesday 9 December 2008 NOTES

Meeting Wednesday 21 January 2009 NOTES

Meeting Wednesday 11 February 2009 NOTES

Meeting Wednesday 4 March 2009 NOTES

Meeting Tuesday 7 April 2009 NOTES

Meeting Tuesday 26 May 2009 NOTES

Meeting Thursday 9 July 2009 NOTES

Meeting Tuesday 21 July 2009 – download Agenda: RemadeAgenda210709 (notes from this meeting have gone AWOL)

Meeting Tuesday 1 September 2009 NOTES

Meeting Tuesday 27 October 2009 NOTES

Meeting Wednesday 18 November 2009 NOTES

Meeting + visit to FAST Thursday 28 January 2010 DETAILS

Next meeting Tuesday 23 March 2010 AGENDA

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