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Remade Meeting 13

Remade in Brixton meeting

Wednesday 18 November
7-9.30pm at the Trinity Arms, 45 Trinity Gardens, London SW9 8DR
This meeting was a chance to focus on the bigger picture – how Remade in Brixton could be part of an integrated resource network across London. We were joined by Richard Featherstone from London Community Resource Network, which provides support [...]

Remade Meeting 12

Remade in Brixton meeting

Notes 27 October 2009 (7pm)
Trinity Arms, 45 Trinity Gardens, London, SW9 8DR
Present: Ann Bodkin, Ben Anstis, Duncan Law, Emily Unwin (solicitor – advising on legal structure), Faith Kenrick, Hannah Lewis, Matthew Barrett, Mitchell Jacobs, Pauline Hili, Pawel Ryczan, Sophie Unwin, Stephen Edwards, Zoe Leventhal
Legal structure
NB although there were other items on the [...]

Remade Meeting 11

Remade in Brixton meeting

Notes 1 September 2009 (7pm)
Trinity Arms, 45 Trinity Gardens, London, SW9 8DR
Present: Stephen Edwards, Mitchell Jacobs, Hannah Lewis, Alexa Mottram, Phil O’Keeffe, Emily Unwin
1. Lambeth Waste Management Strategy review and upcoming consultation
Philip O’Keeffe, Waste Development Officer at Lambeth, was present to tell us what he knows about the Waste Management Strategy review [...]

Remade Meeting 9

Remade in Brixton meeting
Notes 8 July 2009 (7pm)
Ritzy Cafe
Present: Hannah Lewis, Olga Martinez, Christian Nold, Stephen Edwards, Olivia Christophersen, Sophie Broadbent, Daniela Boraschi
NTD TV documentaries
Olga Martinez – interested in making programmes on environmental issues, including green fashion, for New Tang Dynasty Television.
Suggestions: Chris – chairs made out of playstations; Clara – local, eco-textiles; pilot sustainability [...]

Remade Meeting 8

Remade in Brixton
Notes 26 May 2009 (7pm)
Trinity Arms, 45 Trinity Gardens, London, SW9 8DR
Present: Sophie Broadbent, Olivia Christophersen, Stephen Edwards, Felix Gonzales, Bonnie Hewson, Mitchell Jacobs, Hannah Lewis
Summer events
Local events over the summer where we could have a stall include:

Lambeth Green Communities Open Evening (Town Hall, 8 June)
Lambeth Country Show (18-19 July)
Brixton Splash (2 August)
Urban [...]

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