Meeting; TTB and Lambeth First 14-12-09

Present: Ian Jackson (Director of Lambeth First), Duncan, Margaret, Martin (Buildings and Energy)

Lambeth First is the Local Strategic Partnership and includes the Council Chief Executive, Executives from the Police, the Hospital Trusts, the University etc etc

Key elements of structure are:

- The Strategic Board which produces the Sustainable Community Strategy – the 10-15 year vision of Lambeth’s overall direction of travel. It focusses very strongly on worklessness and the financial exclusion of businesses

     - The Sustainable Community Strategy will be refreshed next year

- Below the Strategic Board are a series of Thematic Partnerships including:

     - Health and Well-being
     - Place Partnership including sustainability and climate change
          - Just reforming. Talking about getting some representation from the Sustainability Forum which TTB is a member of.

Ian is interested in what a Peak Oil borough would look like, the sort of jobs it would have, and the sort of community networks. We noted that Bristol Council commissioned a Peak Oil report.

Fiona Booth from Lambeth has been very active in proposing sustainability action on the public sector side, particularly the Town Hall, and including an energy audit of the top 20 companies eg IBM, Shell. Fiona would be likely to welcome any auditors from our B & E Group. We discussed the need for carbon reduction to be in all officials’ targets including managers’. Also to get insulation of homes added on to the Decent Homes targets.

Action: Martin – to consider contacting Fiona


Sophie has been talking to Penny Noy about what the Lambeth Food Strategy should look like.

Ian commented on the fact that Greenwich has so many more food co-ops than Lambeth. Ian believes that life will become more localised

Action: Duncan to send Ian a copy of TTB’s ‘Community Growing Guide’


Duncan advised that in future policies will have to be driven by need, resources and opportunities with a focus initially on dealing with what is really wasteful and damaging. A needs and opportunities analysis is key. Recycling and reuse will generate very many jobs. Ideally, we can get rid of skips replacing them with a builder’s bag for building materials and a rack for other things. Ian advised that this is best taken forward through the Sustainability Forum. We noted that Camden produced an excellent report on Waste followed up by in-service training for council officials

Action: Duncan and TTB to pursue through the Sustainability Forum

Next Achievable Steps

Actions: Ian to talk to Fiona Booth

Ian to consider the approach to pursuing these sorts of issues with the various partners in Lambeth First eg Hospitals, University. We may need equivalents to the Sustainability Action Plan across all the partners.

Duncan expressed TTB’s aim to be part of Lambeth First.

Ian said the possible routes are:

1.Two members of the Sustainability Forum sit on the Place Partnership

2.Two community advocates from the Voluntary/ community sector sit on the Strategic Board. They are appointed by a group of community advocates which forms an electoral college.

3.There are also 2 places for the voluntary sector on the Strategic Board. LVAC takes one. This is a possible opportunity.

4.The Strategic Board has a capacity to call people for particular purposes

The next board will be 1st or 2nd week in February. Meets every quarter.

Actions: Duncan to talk to Steve Reed and suggest we should sit on the Strategic Board while the Sustainability Community strategy is being renewed.

Duncan and Ian to co-ordinate their conversations with Steve Reed about this

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