Introduction to Permaculture

Transition Town Brixton Weekend Introduction to Permaculture Course 21st/22nd March 2009

Led by Permaculture Diploma holders Graham Burnett (author, Permaculture A Beginners Guide) Mark Warner, (former Chair, Permaculture Association of Britain) and Duncan Law (Permaculture Designer and founder of Transition Town Brixton)

About the course

This is a ‘potted’ Permaculture course with an urban flavour, looking at the foundations of Permaculture and learning about some of the practical tools it offers. Over the two days the course provides positive responses to the challenges of climate change and peak oil, including sustainable design principles, Permaculture ethics, organic gardening, community economics, practical experience and more.

Permaculture is a design philosophy dedicated to working with nature to create productive ecosystems that also enhance the environment for all the other inhabitants. For more on Permaculture see

The weekend course can be considered a ‘stand alone’ introduction to Permaculture ethics, principles and design, or else can be a lead-in to the more in depth full 72 hour Permaculture Design Course. This is a sample timetable for an introduction weekend. Please note that this is not the timetable for this course, a draft of which is include below.

Brief outline of weekend

Saturday 21st March (9.30am-5.30pm) Brockwell Gardens Community Greenhouses, Brixton In Brockwell Park near the Walled Garden and the Tennis Courts

Sunday 22nd March (9.30am-5.30pm) Guinness Trust Community Centre, Loughborough Park Estate, SW9 8RN

Pricing and Payment

The full cost of the two days is £120. Those on a low wage can pay less on agreement with the organisers (please email to get in touch); those with genuinely no income can arrange to come for a minimum payment of £40.

A deposit of £25 is required to secure a place on the course, with the balance payable on the Saturday morning at the latest. The course can only take up to 15 people so confirmation of a place can only be given when a deposit is received.

Payment can be made by cheque, made out to LAMBETH CLIMATE ACTION GROUP. Please send cheques to: Permaculture Course c/o 76 Blenheim Gardens, Brixton, SW2 5DA

Payment can also be made by bank transfer (SC 08-92-99, Ac 65250620, Cooperative Bank)

Other things to make a note of …

Please wear warm clothes and boots for site visits. Bring paper and pen/s… plus your imagination, an open mind, and a willingness to contribute and to have new connections made.


Draft Timetable – this may change in minor details. We will send a confirmed timetable round nearer the time if any major changes have been made.

SATURDAY (Brockwell Park Community Greenhouse)

9.30 Arrival 10.00 Think/Listen/Present your neighbour. 10.30 Mindmaps 10.40


What is Permaculture Connections 11.00 BREAK 11.30 Ethics/Principles 13.00 LUNCH 14.00 Observation exercise 14.30 The permaculture cup of tea Plus/Minus/Interesting evaluation 15.30 Chicken – needs/products/behaviours 16.00 Site visit. Greenhouses, Forest Garden, Rotation growing, potage, composting, bee-keeping, strawbale beds. 17.20 Closing circle 17.30 Finish

9.30 Arrival 10.00 Go Round Something you remember from yesterday 10.20 Revise ethics and principles 10.40 ‘SADIM’ Design techniques 11.15 BREAK 12.00 Elements of permaculture

	Zones and sectors
	Random assembly exercise

13.00 LUNCH 14.00 Design Exercise 14.45 Practical ABUNDANCE project site work on community growing site. 16.00 What next? 16.15 Closing circle 16.30-17.30 Optional video

SUNDAY (Guinness Trust Community Centre)

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