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Hyde Farm Climate Action Network (Hyde Farm CAN)

Hyde Farm Climate Action Network (Hyde Farm CAN) was established in July 2007. The network currently consists of over 100 households living on the Hyde Farm Estate in Balham, South London, who want to do more to reduce their contribution to climate change. New members are very welcome.

The Hyde Farm is not in Brixton but it is in Lambeth. It is a lively community consisting of 1,800 households, an estimated 4,000 residents and two primary schools. There are many capable people on the estate, but still many do not know quite what to do or how to do it. By working together as a community we hope to make it easier to take steps – big or small.

To date we 20-25 households have participated in a year-long scheme to reduce their CO2 emissions by 10-20%. This project, called Echo Action, has funding from the European Union.

We have also joined forces with Food Up Front which is encouraging people to grow vegetables in their front garden – even a pot of salad leaves can replace a bag or two of salad from the supermarket each week, saving several kilograms of CO2 over time (we’ll do a precise calculation one day!).

We have not received any major funding although we were shortlisted for the final of the Big Green Challenge and reached British Gas Green Streets II funding competition.

For the Big Green Challenge we put together a project called the 40% Hyde Farm Household that will define what it takes to reduce carbon emisisons to 40% of the average household. Looking at food, shopping, household energy use, transport as well as building, water and waste, we will look at what is possible and how much effort it takes. We don’t think it takes as much as people might think – by wasting less and shopping more carefully we can achieve big reductions. At the same time we are building community resilience.. this is a big feature of work. All our events are social, practical and fun.

For British Gas Green Streets funding we decided to build on our successful programme of draught-busting events and applied for funding for 20 hard-to-treat Victorian houses to be retrofited to a high standard with the potential of at least a 40% reduction in energy use, and then for a further 20 homes to receive solar PV and/or thermal panels. We are keen to stress that there is a lot of work to do on our homes to make them energy efficient in advance of installing renewables. We are experts in draught-proofing!

In early 2009 the local church gave Hyde Farm CAN the use of an old church hall site for a community garden. This has been very successful and is open twice a week.

For more information on Hyde Farm CAN contact Susan Sheehan

tel: +44 7961 342247


Hyde Farm Climate Action Network.

Visit out website at www.hydefarm.org.uk or link up with us at Project Dirt www.projectdirt.org/hydefarm

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