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Transition Town Brixton is the chief project of the Lambeth Climate Action Group. The constitution of LCAG

Hub Group Meeting

Summary of Hub Group

Groups have been meeting actively and new ones are coming into existence. We pledged to coordinate and support the work of the groups to help TTB make a real and strategic difference now and into the future. We also have to ensure the sustainability of TTB itself. To this end the Hub Group needs to start meeting regularly and ensure that it has a good spread of skills and knowledge.

There is important strategy work to be done and lots of practical jobs. The hub will probably evolve to be an circle of representatives/convenors of the working groups and some satellite sub-groups dealing with more practical things like Funding, IT etc.

The Group must design for its continous adaptation if not its demise. But if you know people who really understand the issues and the TT process and can help TTB thrive please do nominate them.

Functions of the Hub Group (not exhaustive list)

â– Hold the vision.
â– Way of working of TTB eg role of hub group, consensus, devolution of power and responsibility.
â– Strategy of TTB
â– Decision-making that affects the whole of TTB – policy and constitutional matters, legal structure
â– Coordinating and connecting the work of the groups
â– Overseeing production of the Brixton Energy Descent Action Plan
â– Working with Lambeth
â– Community engagement, volunteer coordination.
â– Communications/outreach/publicity (campaigns) [Group already exists]
â– Funding and TTB’s sustainability. – spending the remains of our Awards for All grant and meeting their conditions.
â– Budgetting
â– Administration, finances
â– Events programming and organisation
â– Facilitation (of process, meetings, Open Space) and Project Management
â– Education/Reskilling
â– Website(s) to make it a userfriendly tool – and Systems. inc contact management of people resources.
â– Resources – (to lend or make accessible) books, films, papers, links, expertise/skills, TTB records
Some of this is core group stuff, some better handled by specialist sub-groups

Several people have suggested that we have regular Open Meetings again, perhaps Transition Groups get together in one big space so that groups can work but also cross fertilisation can take place. Agenda item.

Some useful documents? from other TTs

Earlier Hub Group planning meetingsHubGroupPlanning07

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