F and GG Planning Agenda

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Brixton Food and Growing Group Planning Meeting



1. Welcome – Introduction – Apologies
2. Minutes: volunteer to take minutes
3. Intros: Who we are, what we do
4. Brief update on group and current/proposed projects
5. Discussion of proposed event for Thursday 12th February, with Rosie Boycott speaking, Open Space project development and visioning. Do we want to do it? Who can do what?

– Planning (time, what do we want to happen)
– Venue
– Publicity design
– Promotion of event

6. A.O.B.

– Request for feed back on Newsletters (Bonnie)
– Request for Group Convenors/Administrators to step forward (Bonnie)
– Set date for Permaculture Weekend course (14th/15th March or 21st/22nd March) How about a venue?

7. Date of next Planning Meeting / Date of next Event Planning SubGroup

8. Time to chat and meet each other

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