Right from the outset of the Transition Town Brixton process we have taken opportunities to vision what a successfully transitioned low energy future Brixton would look like, smell, sound, taste, feel like. How it would operate, what it would have…

Doing this creates extraordinary energy and a destination that we can all agree we want to work towards, that would probably be a lot better than the madness we are part of now. The Transition Planning process involves ‘back casting’ to the present to create a route map complete with timetables and milestone to ensure we get there and know where we are on the route.

Here are some of those visions:

Draft Energy Descent Action Plan

First visions

Product of a meeting of group convenors. Just a starter to get us moving. Please visit and add to the visions.

From the Vision Tree at the Great Unleashing

Unleashing Visions

starting with those from the Great Unleashing that were stuck as leaves onto the Transition Tree on 2 October. They are arranged under the heading of the ‘working groups’ that concentrate on these special areas of life where transition has to happen.

Sustainable Communities Act

Making these visions into reality is what our working groups are all about, and one of the tools we are want to use to bring about a reloaclised and sutainable brixton is the 2007 Sustainable Communities Act. 2009 is the first year proposals will be submitted under this act…To find out about the process, find links to other TT’s SCA proposals, looks at our ideas and proposals and to add your own, visit the TTB SCA page!

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