Transition Enterprise

We need to vision, plan and pioneer the jobs of the future.

We want to make Transition our livelihood and to earn some money for TTB.

At the Shared Space Open Evening on 4 October 2010, Stephen Edwards convened Transition Enterprise Action (TEA). Quite a lot of people were enthusiastic and a number of actions were set including to define potential future jobs. It has already happened that a previously non-existent profession has sparked someone’s imagination enough to try and make it a reality and we now have Brixton Community Draught Busters headed by Martin Abrahams.

We also want to convene an open space type event to vision more Transition Livelihoods and work towards making them real.

So as a starter here are some visions of future jobs for the sake of convenience arranged under catagories that vaguely correspond to actual or potential TTB working groups. Please add your own ideas to them. Click on ‘edit’ in the menu on the left. The password is ttwiki.

You might want to visit the Vision page to be inspired by others’ visions of a better low energy future, that is convivial, cooperative, connected, supplies real needs as locally as possible using local materials, people and skill and developing all three in the process.

Arts & Culture
Arts and Culture group page

  • Community entertainer, producer
  • Storyteller
  • Arts centre director, impressario.

Buildings (and Energy)NB Built Environment and Energy are currently combined
Built environment group page

  • Insulator
  • Energy saving general handiman, draught buster

Communications-Campaigning-Outreach group page

Currency group page
see also Brixton Pound website

  • Local trading broker.
  • Local banker

Economy and Business
Economy and Business group page

  • Local producers (see under group headings)
  • Transition Business advisors and mentors
  • Premises finders
  • Energy price vulnerability auditors
  • Energy Services Company ESCO directors and operatives

or Multi Utility Services Company MUSCO


  • Reskillers
  • Transition school teachers

Energy group page NB Builtings and Energy are currently combined and working under Built environment group page

  • Energy assessors

Food group page see here for the ABUNDANCE food growing and green mapping project

*Medical Herbalists using local herbs

  • Cycle trainers


Heart and Soul
Heart and Soul group page

  • Community counsellors, Joanna Macy ‘Work that Reconnects’ facilitators
  • Mediators

Local Government
Local Government group page

Local/Street Action
Local Street Group page

Money group page

Remade in Brixton
Remade in Brixton group page

  • Re-Use Centre managers, operative, trainers, repairers, refashioners, remanufacturers, inventors
  • Brixton Re-fashion designers, shop keepers.
  • Brixton clothes menders and alterers
  • Brixton shoemakers and menders.
  • Brixton recycled knitware company
  • Brixton ‘Rag and Bone’ collectors
  • Brixton skip-frame suppliers to enable sorting, storage and recycling of building waste

Reskilling group page

Textiles and Clothing
Textiles and Clothing group page


  • Brixton Zero Carbon Transporters – a local bike, trike, trailer, electric assist, based group of couriers delivering local produce to local people. Helps local traders compete.
  • Cycle trainers

Water group page

  • Grey water and rainwater harvesting supplier and fitter
  • Water filter maker
  • Local plumbers

see Remade in Brixton group page

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