The Great Unleashing

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The Great Unleashing

Thursday 2 October 2008, 8pm, The Assembly Hall

Speaker: Rob Hopkins (originator of the Transition Town movement)

A steering group has been working on dreaming up and planning the Unleashing. Keen people welcome to join it.

We want it to be a celebratory unleashing of the combined energy and genius of the Brixton community towards visioning, planning and attaining a better low energy future.

We want to hear what you want to see happen, who you want to be involved, and what you want the outcome to be.

Please add your ideas to the list below: click Edit in the menu on the left; the password is ttwiki; and type

Planning the Unleashing – Open Meeting

Thursday 4 September, 7pm, Vida Walsh Centre, 2b Saltoun Road, SW2 (near Effra Road, overlooking Windrush Square)

All welcome.

Agenda: Hello & Welcome

What are we trying to achieve at our Unleashing – the vision so far.

Split into subgroups to discuss specific parts of the unleashing. These subgroups will be:

  • Publicity & Outreach
  • Logistics, Artwork & Room setup
  • Follow up: how we can ensure people stay engaged
  • Food
  • Hosting and Facilitation

Agreeing To Do Lists, timeline, roles on the day.

The Thinking So Far

What is the outcome you’d like to see…?

(please add thoughts here)

More working groups, a strong central direction finding hub group, buy in and support, cooperation from Lambeth.

Goals agreed at Steering Group meeting on 19 August

  1. Many people attend
  2. Many subgroups are created
  3. The Hub Group is consolidated, well supported and roles filled.
  4. People move on in their commitment during their evening
  5. People gain understanding of why TTs are necessary, powerful and how they apply to Brixton. Also that their central aim is to produce an Energy Descent Action Plan

Other Goals:

  1. People attending are inspired and experience synergy
  2. People have a sense of direction on the action they can take and specific targets of TTB
  3. Co-operation is increased between local groups and people, especially environmental groups
  4. A new sense of possibility

What should happen…?

(please add thoughts here)

An event that feels like a pulling together of groups, people, energy, awareness towards Transition. Celebratory, practical, the ‘end very much in mind’ ie setting targets and asking for people to step up to form groups to achieve them… , a space for visioning, for networking, finding local allies, synergy…

Decoration, a sense of entrance, Music

A Positive News board. A Peoples Transition Gallery. People encouraged to post to it on the day or beforehand.

A business presence.

Something about the 12 steps. Perhaps a demonstration, dramatisation… or like the stations of the cross around the walls…

Vision space.

  • Postits on the walls…
  • People able to say I dream rather than I dread.
  • Postits/plastercine on a map.
  • Local visionaries saying I dream of a Brixton…
  • Visioning in small groups, convened to keep it open, positive, uncynical.

A timeline…??


  • Examples of visionary projects.
  • Treehouse Clapham
  • Lambeth Housing Solar projects
  • Food Growing


  • Trike
  • Plants, Flowers, Produce


  • from wise people, economists.
  • from TTB visioning exercises over the months.
  • from the Future Brixton Masterplan

A headline, Together towards a better low energy, low-carbon future for Brixton. Rethink, reconnect, relocalise.

Evidence of it being a low carbon event – re-use, local food, drink, accoustic music, local generation, pledge from Lambeth to reduce, re-sign to a Green Energy supplier.

Working group ‘stations’ around the walls.

Something about our future visions and goals eg Brixton Brick, a Musco, Food growing, Re-use

Opportunity for people to commit in the white heat of enthusiasm:

  • to convening a working group.
  • to be part of a working group
  • to do something on the jobs list.
  • to be part of a supporting group eg events, facilitation, admin.

Feedback form

Endorsements from Lambeth

The results recorded as we go along. And posted soon. Everyone contacted within 2 days.

Active welcome crew with badges, encouraging networking, signing up

Transition Handbook signed and on sale. Other books on sale.

Leaflet table.

Who should be there…?

(please add thoughts here)

Speakers: Rob Hopkins is booked,

What would we like them to say?

People from every sector in Lambeth, residents, faith groups, voluntary sector, health, business, market, creative and cultural, Lambeth council members inc leaders, officers inc ‘Environment Champions’, partner subcontract organisations, Veolia,

People not there to boast about what they are doing but to understand how far there is to go and to resolve to go there together because it is a place we would prefer to be.

Groups of people to remember to invite:

  • Many new people especially unlikely people
    • young people, children
    • from estates
    • local businesses
    • the normally resistent
    • from many ethnic communities, Afro Carribbean, African, Portugese, Indian, Eastern European.
  • Politicians & Lambeth
    • Council leaders and members of every party
    • Council Exec and Chief Exec.
    • Council Officers,
      • Environment Champions
      • Regen, and Corporate Regen
      • Waste + Veolia
      • Education
      • Housing
      • Transport
      • Enterprise
    • Local Parties
  • Business
    • Friends of Brixton Market
    • Brixton Business Forum/Chamber of Commerce
    • Brixton Business Support Network
  • Transport
    • Stuart of Zero Carbon Transport (with his trike)
    • Stafford of the Jerk Chicken with his delivery bikes
  • Faith
  • Schools Colleges Adult Education
    • The Family School
    • Lambeth College
  • Youth
  • Scouts and Guides
  • Voluntary Sector LVAC
    • LVAC
    • Brixton Society (Lambeth Society)and Herne Hill Society
  • Green Groups
    • Hyde Farm CAN
    • Brixton Green
  • Arts Groups
    • Arts Community Exchange
  • Leisure (centre)
  • Unions
  • Freecycle
  • Supported Community
  • Housing Coops/ Residents Assocs
  • Energy
    • Better Generation
    • Efergy
    • BPlas
    • Local energy saving fitters.
    • Local renewable fitters
    • Treehouse Clapham
  • Food
    • Food up Front
    • Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses
    • Brixton Wholefoods
    • Honest Foods
    • Greener Ventures
    • Allotment Groups:
      • Windmill Allotments
      • Rosendale Road Allotments
      • Abundance project
  • Churches
  • Community Associations, TRAs
    • Roupell Park, CHP
  • Local FOE/Greenpeace
  • Energy Efficiency advisors (Energy Saving Trust)
  • Green Concierge
  • BioRegional


  • Tom Hinchmore (filming)
  • Transition Town Tooting
  • Transition Town Colliers Wood
  • Sustainable Harringey


Publicise and plan 4 Sept meeting.

  • Contact individuals and groups above to get a definite guest list…
  • Do general outreach to groups
  • Do publicity campaign
    • Flier?
    • Newspapers
      • South London Press
      • Lambeth Life
    • Time Out
    • Green Events
    • networks
      • Urban75
      • Brixton Business Support Network
      • Black Creative And Cultural
      • LVAC e bulletin and newsletter.


  • Quotations
  • Pictures
  • Booking music, food,
  • Decoration
  • Get TTB banner
  • Map
    • Laminate big Brixton map…)
    • Get aerial photo of Brixton. STeve Marsh of Lambeth Maps…

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