Stand in the library foyer

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Stand in the Library Foyer

What it could contain

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Large floor standing exhibition stand in main Library foyer

  • Jody’s graphics
  • Statement of Aims (as on the leaflet)
  • Brief outline of history and current state of TTs (200 communities thinking about it)
  • Briefing on Climate Change and Peak Oil (use Funny Weather pages and Powerswitch briefing)
  • Outline of the process perhaps using the 12 steps ie groups, visioning, practical projects, using Open Space meetings etc
  • Brief summary of achievements so far
  • Some quotes from vision exercises, photos of brainstorms, meetings
  • list of groups(mindmap)with clear link and contact details, ideally next meetings.
  • information on Projects. Materials on urban food growing offered from UCL Sustainable Development Department
  • Map of Brixton with opportunity for people to locate their initiative, wish, organisation with numbered dots they stick on it and add comment in book.
  • Sign up sheet
  • Wish list for a better low energy future for people to contribute to.

Fanciful ideas

  • screen showing rolling chapters of THE POWER OF COMMUNITY

Exhibition space in Reference Library foyer

  • Some of the reference material perhaps open with important text highlighted
  • Some reference material for browsing
  • Some quotes printed out.
  • Some impressive facts

Reference Resources

  • Books and leaflets on Climate Change and Peak Oil
  • Briefing sheets on Climate Change and Peak Oil
  • Informative briefing pamphlets from FOE, WWF, Greenpeace and other NGOs on
  • Lambeth info eg Householder’s Guide to Renewables.
  • Government and GLA leaflets
  • How to cut your carbon/energy use information
  • Sustainability books
  • books
  • Urban food growing books
  • Local green directory

For ideas visit

TTLewes is organising a Recycle your Read project to circulate TT relevant books through the local community.

They have an excellent recommended reading list pamplet: Let’s have one for Brixton starting here

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