Food Visions from the Great Unleashing (02/10/08); Open Meeting (09/03/09); Future of Our Food Launch (30/4/09) (link)

KinsaleEnergyDescentActionPlan(Pdf) Look at the section on Food… this is something like what we are aiming to write for Brixton this year!

First draft mission & vision(Word doc)

This is the most current draft of our present situation, our vision, our mission and our timeline to 2025. This text will eventually make up our part of the EDAP (Energy Descent Action Plan). For an idea of what we’re aiming for have a look at the Kinsale EDAP Pdf above.

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The Present

Mention: ABUNDANCE Blenheim Gardens Edible Estate & others (Capital Growth) Food Up Front Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses

Connections across South London (Roots&Shoots, Vauxhall City Farm, projects in Streatham, Dulwich, Peckham, Wandsworth, Tooting etc)
The Vision

By 2025, Brixton is no longer dependent on supermarkets and international food supply networks. It has its own bakers, its own local food markets and local box schemes. Local shops and local services work together to provide markets for local food which is grown without reliance on oil-based agricultural methods and products. Food passes through few hands and over only a short distance on its way from grower to purchaser – people walk past the source of their apples, greens, eggs and honey everyday and take a new interest in living things.

Brixton is far more self-reliant. It is producing 3% of its fruit and veg within productive domestic gardens and a further 20% from patchwork farms within Brixton, neighbouring boroughs and surrounding peri-urban areas. It has mutually beneficial connections with farms and community supported agriculture at the end of its train lines, with 40% of fresh food sourced within only 100 miles of Brixton and a further 20% from the rest of the UK. (Ref: Growing Communities’ Food Zones)

Every disused plot and unloved border has been reclaimed by communities and put to beautiful and productive use as orchards, edible gardens, greenhouses, market gardens and small holdings. 30% of public green space has been turned over to productive planting (veg, fruit, nuts, bee food, coppice, green manure, dye plants). All green waste is composted locally and used locally. There is no waste as everything is part of the cycle of our sustenance.

Growing, cooking and preserving is a part of everyone’s education and seasonal existence and everyone, as a basic right, has access to the skills and space needed for growing. Children grow up with an understanding of where their food comes from and of the importance of working as part of an environmental system. Alienation from the source of our nourishment is a thing of the past and we are happy to live within our means.

South London as a whole, and Brixton in particular, has a reputation for being a place where good ideas become reality and local thinking and local action on food is connected up in productive ways with broader food security, climate change and peak oil concerns.

Food is a part of, if not at the heart of, every person’s day to day life. It grows all around us – up things and on things. Brixton is a healthier, more grounded and resilient community to live in; a place where people are connected to each other and can look forward to a future they are prepared for.

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