There is lots of mapping going on! Many transition and other green groups are creating maps. There is much overlap, but we need to experiment to find the best approach. Currently we have 6 maps. 5 individual ones using Google Maps and one that we are developing with the Mapping for Change group. The last one is a moderated one, which means that you have to register and submit your suggestions for places on the map for approval. All the others are easy to add to directly, once you have logged into googlemaps.

Brixton Community Map (open for public additions and collaboration via registration, entries have to be approved before being shown on the map) Showing community information in 11 categories, this map has the widest content. This is a new map and we are currently building content through a series of community events. (March 2010)

Re-Directory by Remade in Brixton (open for public additions and collaboration) Remade in Brixton aims to make Brixton a zero-waste town through making better use of resources locally. This includes waste reduction, repair, reuse, and recycling.

Green Space Map of Brixton (open for public additions and collaboration) Showing existing and potential growing spaces in and around Brxiton, including allotment locations.

South London Fruit & Nut Tree Map (open for public additions and collaboration) Showing fruit and nut trees in or overhanging public areas – started for Brixton, but open to everyone.

Transition Town Brixton as begun by Guy Shrubsole (now open for public additions and collaboration) Showing the location of community groups, businesses, projects, meeting points and events relating to Transition Town Brixton.

Transition Town Brixton Food and Growing Group draft map This is a composite map of the 4 original maps of Transition Town Brixton (the 4 above this here), currently being used to see all the data on one map and to experiment with importing and exporting data.

London 21 Green Map This is a London-wide map developed as part of the international Green Map System (

Urban Buzz: Mapping Change for Sustainable Communities

Christian Nold is an artist, designer and educator working to develop new participatory models for communal representation. He is interested in emotional maps of cities.

Andy Gibson from the School for Everything is keen to be involved in the mapping side and to connect our maps with their map of teachers and learners.

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