Lambeth Corporate Regeneration

Keith Trotter Matt McKeague

Ian Parker is Head of Regeneration

Points for discussion.


PO and CC, recession, rising food and energy prices
Challenges and Opportunities
Getting localisation into policy: Sustainable Community Act and current SCStrategy, Local Development Framework, procurement
The achievements of the FUTURE BRIXTON plan. Specifics: zero-waste and re-use, zero-carbon,
Getting joined-upness in Lambeth thinking and policy – how? Mainstream regeneration and sustainability goals across all council departments procurement policies
Designing a future functional, closed-loops, localised economy. Why, how, who. Supplying real local need.
TTB offers:

Awareness raising
Business Exchange Network
Oil Vulnerability Auditing (in the long-run, in partnership)

Wants for the conference:

Presence and participation
Help contacting businesses and esp business advisors.
Help running the evening especially.
Display boards, tables,

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