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This page is for your ideas. We know there are hundreds of good ideas out there… Please add below a short outline of your idea, your name and contact details would be great. If you can’t edit this page send your idea to us at TTB and we will add it to this page for you.

We hope it will lead to more actual projects so if an idea catches your imagination please do get in touch with the originator and set up a page.

For some ideas to get you started why not have a look at all the visions people came up with at the Great Unleashing,here

Brixton Bike Car

A back-to-back recumbent tandem which can be used as a van with only one driver. Two of them fit together side by side to form a car on the rare occasions (baby, loadcarrying) when 2 tandems are not better. Additional refinements: the ability to lean around corners, full fairing for efficiency and for building in solar panels for the electric assist motor that also generates electricity while braking. The bikes telescope in length so they can be carried on a train.

I have drawings. Just need a prototyper.

Duncan contact via TTB

Reliance: The Story of Brixton (Past, Present & Future) Bonnie 26/6/09

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